Biden STILL Forcing People to Get Vaccinated, Despite Court’s Ban

The White House has given companies the go-ahead to vaccinate their workers, despite court orders of temporarily halting the federal COVID vaccine mandate.

This marks another effort of contempt of court by Democrats who often ignore judicial verdicts for their political gains.

Biden is busy defying court orders on stopping vaccination mandate

Democrats are once again abusing their power, defying all the practices of checks and balances maintained under the US Constitution.

Last Saturday, the US Federal Courts of Appeals of the Fifth Circuit ordered the Biden administration to stop enforcing vaccinations, giving the White House time to respond by Monday.

However, the White House urged private businesses not to stop the enforcement of the vaccination mandate at all. Karine Jean-Pierre, the deputy press secretary of the White House, asserted that people should not wait to get their jabs.

Likewise, she recommended employees keep their workplaces safe to help people avert the pandemic.


Meanwhile, after the denial to accept court orders, the incumbent administration told the court the president has the authority to protect workers from the pandemic using vaccinations.

The Biden administration asserted in front of the court as people are coming back to work, the threat of the new COVID wave is real, which is why vaccinations are necessary.

Likewise, the administration also warned the court of yet another outbreak of the delta variant, which could only be stopped through mandatory vaccination.

It should be noted Florida is currently the epicenter of vaccine mandate resistance in the country; yet, the state is reporting the lowest cases across America.

Republicans are getting increasingly worried about the government’s interference

Democrats came under heavy scrutiny from the freedom of expression watchdogs who chastised the Biden administration’s decision to make vaccines mandatory.

Meanwhile, Republicans have once again criticized Biden for establishing a vaccine mandate that will curb Americans’ freedoms. Marsha Blackburn, a GOP senator, along with 30 other lawmakers, initiated the Congressional Review Act that would seek the elimination of Biden’s vaccine mandate.

One such lawmaker, Mike Braun, said many federal contractors and employees contacted him. They warned Braun they are losing up to 25% of the workforce, due to this mandate.

Similarly, Senator John Kennedy said he was happy to make Biden accountable for the mandate, which Biden said he wouldn’t implement during his campaign. Kennedy further added this step of the president is a classic example of overreach.

Biden has been persistent in his attempt to disrespect the court’s decision. Recently, a number of GOP governors, religious groups, and private business owners tried to overturn the vaccine mandate by filing lawsuits.

These lawsuits are what resulted in the Federal Appeals Court putting a ban on this hotly contested and questionable COVID vaccine mandate.