Biden is Making the Global Supply Chain Crisis Worse

Republicans from the House Oversight Committee have written a letter to John Porcari (Biden’s port envoy) to encourage him in tackling the ongoing supply chain crisis as soon as possible.

Republicans slammed the Biden administration’s inefficiency

Republicans’ letter mentioned the inefficiency of the Biden administration is turning a temporary problem into a major one. GOP lawmakers noted the labor shortage is one of the prominent reasons for the ongoing global chain crisis.

The letter emphasized the Biden administration is not recognizing the severity of the crisis; instead of finding a long-term solution, the president is insisting people should instead buy Christmas gifts early.

Similarly, members of the committee noted in the letter that ships anchored off California increased significantly in the recent three weeks, as the number rose from 40 to 73 in a matter of days.

Likewise, the committee members stressed that delays at the railway stations, warehouses, and ports are the product of labor shortages, which are incited by the self-inflicted Biden policies. Republicans emphasized that Democrats’ habits of paying those who are not doing work is the root cause of such shortages.

Not only this, but the lawmakers also chastised the Biden administration for its vaccine mandate, saying this edict will further intensify the labor shortage and hence the global supply chain crisis.

In the letter, Republicans sarcastically touted that the global supply chain seems to be acceptable to the Biden administration, seeing the lack of interest of them in solving the problem.

Instead of solving the problem, the Biden administration is busy seeking more control over people’s finances through their economic agenda. Republicans also criticized Biden’s envisioned social spending bill in their letter to the port envoy. The GOP suggested this bill is intended to bring zero prosperity to America.

Jen Psaki’s Admission of Guilt

The letter asked the Biden administration to conduct a staff-level briefing before October 26 so the GOP can have knowledge of what the administration is doing to avert the crisis.

Despite the fact the global chain crisis continues to worsen (and White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted Christmas presents could get delayed in December), Biden endorsed the efforts of the supply chain disruption team for their visionary “leadership.”

While giving approval to his team, Biden said Porcari had done an exceptional job in recent weeks. While Biden praised his port envoy, he failed to even remember his name correctly, as the president ended up saying “Joe” instead of “John” two times.

In their letter, the GOP said this supply chain delay could result in stalling the arrival of important commodities to the US, including food and life-saving drugs.

Likewise, Republicans also wrote chronic inflation is the result of supply chain delays, as the important commodities are failing to reach the US markets in a timely manner.