Biden is Leaving the US at the Mercy of ISIS-K

Colin Kahl, the undersecretary at the Department of Defense, has warned President Biden of an imminent attack on United States soil by the terror groups in Afghanistan.

U.S. in danger with continuous advancement of extremist groups

Testifying in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Kahl said ISIS-K has the ability to accumulate enough power to attack the United States within a timeframe of six to twelve months.

This is not the first time a strategic official warned the Biden administration about a possible terror attack on the U.S. Just recently, the top military leader, Mark Milley, also advised the president to be proactive against Afghan-based extremist groups’ attacks on the US.

However, Biden seems to ignore the expert opinions again and again. He continues bringing the Taliban-era civil servants into the United States while leaving strangled Americans in the war-torn country and at the mercy of the Taliban.


The Taliban vowed to not let terror groups use Afghan soil against any country; however, the Taliban themselves are not trustworthy enough for the U.S. to just believe them.

Amid the hasty withdrawal, the Biden administration left much breathing space for the extremist groups in Afghanistan; these groups are posing a security threat to not only America, but also the whole world.

Biden needs to stop trusting the Taliban’s words if he wants to save America

Kahl encouraged the president to increase U.S. security capability so any potential attack could be countered in a better fashion. The undersecretary said seeing the Taliban’s advancement can encourage other extremist groups, including ISIS-K, which are the primary threat for the United States.

He noted if the extremist groups are left unattended, they can start recruiting new people into their ranks, which poses a severe threat to global security.

Although the undersecretary stated the U.S. is better prepared for a possible attack on its soil today compared to 2001, a deadly attack is never an option.

Kahl also said the Taliban knows about the presence of other extremist groups on their soil. They are cautious about their activities because any external attack from Afghanistan will put all the blame on the Taliban, which could trigger international action.

The undersecretary also added there are many Americans left behind in Afghanistan who need to be evacuated.

Despite receiving many warnings from Pentagon officials, Biden is taking no appreciable action as extremist groups continue their advances in the country.

Since Biden left the mess in Afghanistan unattended in August, the terrorist group remains assertive in portraying its will; they bombed hundreds of people in various attacks, including 13 U.S. military personnel.

However, Biden still believes the U.S. can contain the extremist group by relying on aerial surveillance and intelligence without having an on-ground presence in Afghanistan.

This point of view of the president was proven faulty when he bombed innocent civilians in a drone strike, instead of the actual terrorists who continued evolving, amid Biden’s inaction.