Biden is Facing a “Pretty Big” Credibility Crisis

Biden received scathing criticism from NBC host Chuck Todd after a string of multiple setbacks this week. On Sunday, Todd talked about the president’s repeated political failures during his appearance as a guest on Willie Geist’s segment on NBC.

Biden has incurred repeated political failures

Included in the series of highlighted political failings of Biden is the botched drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan. Also involved are recalling U.S. ambassadors and the rejection of the FDA’s COVID-19 booster shots for people ages 65 years old and under. 

In anticipation of the speech that Biden will make in the United Nations on Tuesday, Geist asked Todd how the White House is possibly managing all these crises. He also asked what the people should expect to hear from Biden during Tuesday’s speech. 

Todd admitted that the president is facing a “pretty big” credibility problem after what happened in the past week. Todd added that Biden has a huge credibility problem since all of the dilemmas that happened somehow showed up after Biden claimed the exact opposite of what happened. 

In addition to problems that happened over the past weekend, Todd likewise included the unceasing border crisis, which is, according to him, a “bigger problem” for Biden and his administration. 

Todd added that they could talk about the problems at the border. Although, in most cases these predicaments are usually years in the making, it is quite clear that the United States is facing a bigger border problem than the country ever had in years.

The Biden administration’s policies have turned into some sort of “magnet” for these problems to reoccur, Todd claimed.

Biden has a lot of work to do to gain back his credibility on the international stage

Because of all the things going on, Todd suggested the president has a lot of work to do in order to save his credibility on the international stage. This will be critical in the speech Biden will be making in the UN this Tuesday. 

Todd added that Biden has a lot of work to do, noting that he has to make sure the public will still look at America as not just a country of democracy, but likewise a competent leader. 

However, Todd also offered some sort of optimism for Biden. The NBC News anchor advised Biden to instead focus on the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill and the chances of passing it through Congress. 

The NBC host added that he thinks next month will still be tough for the Biden administration since they are attempting to get the bill through the Congress. However, if he can get that bill passed, Todd alleged that Biden can most likely start to take a few breaths.

However, he has a lot of things going on this month for sure.