Biden is Advising Putin to Steer Clear of Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine War

The war in Ukraine has taken a return recently, albeit not one to the liking of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ukraine has been kicking Russian forces out left and right, largely aided by western weapons and the Ukrainian spirit to defend one’s own homeland.

Reports indicate that Putin is desperate for more troops, even going so far as to get mental patients and incarcerated criminals to sign up to fight in Ukraine.

However, as things look worse and worse for Russia, there are growing speculations about whether or not Putin will resort to nuclear weapons. In a recent interview, Joe Biden pressed his Russian counterpart not to go down this road, per Newsmax.

Biden on Putin and Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

During a 60 Minutes interview, Biden was clear in his view that Putin will be setting a new precedent for war if he goes down the road of using these sorts of weapons.

Though in spite of his message to Putin, Biden did not specifically explain what will happen if Putin decides to press forward with nuclear weapons to shift the war back in Russia’s favor.

Instead, Biden claimed what would occur if Putin pursued this course of action would be “consequential” and leave Russia in a state of isolation they’ve never experienced.

Biden also made it clear that the “extent” of weaponry Russia employed would dictate the level of response the nation meets.

The Beginning of the End For Putin?

At the rate things are going for the Russian president, he may not even get the chance to use nuclear weapons, even if this is something on the table in his mind.

Multiple reports indicate that since the war began, Putin’s been facing a series of health issues believed to be cancer and who knows what else.

Furthermore, various assassination attempts have been made on the life of the Russian president, none of them rendering success thus far.

Though even outside of these issues, the tide seems to be turning against Putin. For one thing, dozens of Russian officials are pressing Putin to step down from power. At the end of the day, this war not going as Putin planned hasn’t done him very many favors.

On top of that, Russian oligarchs are getting fed up with sanctions, limits on the wealth they can access, travel restrictions, etc.

It’s been said that Putin will never willingly concede this war or voluntarily step down from power. In light of this, there are all sorts of ways the war in Ukraine (and Putin’s fate) could play out.

Do you believe Putin will resort to using nuclear weapons in a desperate bid to win the war in Ukraine? Feel free to let us know how you think this will play out in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.