Biden in Europe for NATO Summit

"P20210513AS-0633-2" (United States government work) by The White House

President Joe Biden is traveling to Europe, amid the tense environment in global politics, as the Russia-Ukraine crisis shows no signs of normalcy.

While leaving the White House, Biden vowed he would strive to make a “new world order” led by the United States.

Biden will Discuss Russian Invasion in NATO Summit

As Biden left the White House, reports asked him what he would say to European countries looking toward the United States to get rid of Russian hostility in the region.

The president claimed he would love to answer this question when he comes back to America after the NATO summit. Likewise, Biden also threatened reporters about Russia’s will to use chemical weapons.

According to the White House, the primary purpose of Biden’s visit is to mention the ongoing situation in Ukraine, alongside discussions with American NATO allies that are having the war right at their borders.

Right after the NATO summit, Biden joined another summit of the European Council to discuss sanctions on Russia and the need to provide humanitarian support to the needy people in the region.

He is also scheduled to meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

The White House is currently clueless about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is finding a way to stop Russia immediately.

However, as every effort is failing, President Biden is rushing to Europe to devise a new strategy that could play a role in stopping the invasion.

Russia Can Use WMD in Ukraine War

Currently, the White House is most worried about Russia’s ambitions of using Weapons of Mass Destruction in the war.

Reportedly, Biden thinks if Russia decides to use a biological or chemical weapon, it will result in an absolute disaster.

Thus, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan also warned Russia regarding the use of a chemical weapon against Ukraine.

These warnings carry weight, especially at a time when Russia recently revealed it used hypersonic missiles against Ukraine.

Likewise, Russian aggression on Ukrainian hospitals and art schools has also left the world worried about Putin’s ambitions of a deadly war.

As per Biden, the world is currently facing an “inflection point,” which comes after every three to four generations.

The president also argued that the world has to adopt a liberal world order that has been declining under the latest developments.

In order to reinstate that world order, the United States has to gather like-minded countries and lead the effort.

Meanwhile, more European countries want to join NATO to safeguard themselves from future Russian invasions.

As Ukraine is unable to defend itself, due to its absence from the military alliance, another neighboring state of Russia, i.e., Finland, is also striving to join NATO.

Public sentiments, in this regard, are also favoring pro-NATO opinions, as 60 percent of the country now want to join the alliance, compared to only 26 percent in Autumn 2021.