Biden Implicated in New Series of Classified Documents

Political corruption is a problem in the United States that dates back as far as possible.

In countless historical and present times, there are politicians who take pay-to-play deals or engage in quid pro quos, setting their interests above the needs of those they were put in office to serve.

As things currently stand, trust in the government and elected officials has declined to a certain extent, due to corruption. Here in the United States, many Americans agree that the government and those within it are not truly working to serve the country.

Now, a new series of classified documents has the nation talking, as Joe Biden is implicated in them, per CNN.

Added Controversy Surrounding Biden

The new documents stash regards Biden’s time as vice president. Attorneys for the now-president allege to have come across these records after tying up ends at a DC office that Biden used when working as an honorary professor for the University of Pennsylvania.

Given the classified nature of these documents, the general public has not been made aware of what they contain. Americans also have yet to find out why they were in an office that’s connected to work Biden did from 2017 to 2019, following his vice presidential tenure.

However, one of the president’s aides recently alleged that his administration is working with both the Justice Department and National Archives as it pertains to these documents.

It’s been made very clear that the White House doesn’t intend to get into explicit details about the nature of the records or why they were just now recovered.

A Troubling Track Record

During Biden’s time as vice president, he is alleged to have pressured a Ukrainian gas company to stop investigations into a company his son, Hunter Biden, worked for.

Emails and other records recovered from Hunter’s laptop also show the former vice president was very much involved in the international business operations of his son, despite repeated claims to the contrary.

Since Biden’s time as president, he’s taken a lot of heat for his policies, concerns about his potential past corruption, and more. At this rate, it is anyone’s guess if the country will ever learn what these newfound documents contain.

Thus far, it’s also a mystery as to whether or not more records will surprisingly appear out of the blue like this. If they do, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for the Biden administration to be open or transparent about it.

What are your thoughts about this batch of classified documents that was discovered in one of Joe Biden’s offices? Do you have any theories about what sort of information these documents might contain?

You’re free to let us know what you believe in the comments section.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.