Biden Ignores the Call To Extend Eviction Ban

The White House and Biden have yet to respond about the statement made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi’s statement informs that her team reached out to the executive branch, asking them to extend the federal eviction moratorium.

Pelosi ignored the crucial task to extend the moratorium

As Democrat “Squad” members continued to protest outside of the Capitol (due to inaction coming from their party in extending the moratorium for eviction), Pelosi passed the crucial task to the executive branch; according to the House Speaker, her team asked Biden and the White House to act.

During a statement on Sunday morning, Pelosi stated in an interview that the extension of the moratorium should originate from the White House. Thus, the House then called on Biden administration to act on it and extend the moratorium for eviction. The statement was, however, made after the moratorium for eviction has already ended.

Pelosi added that as the CDC imposed a mask mandate and doubles down on vaccination efforts, it is only reasonable that the administration should also extend the eviction moratorium. Previously, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention implemented an eviction moratorium banning landlords from evicting people who were unable to pay their rent.

The eviction moratorium was extended a few times; however, it ended on Saturday after Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh stated it should be Congress and not Biden with the power to extend the moratorium.

In relation to this, the White House called Congress to pass a law that would extend the ban on landlords from evicting tenants who were unable to pay their rent.

Last week, press secretary Jen Psaki mentioned that in light of the ruling passed by the Supreme Court, Biden is calling on Congress to extend the moratorium in order to protect tenants and their families from getting evicted from their homes.

However, the House and the Senate failed to accumulate the necessary votes to extend the moratorium, so the ban on eviction expired last Saturday. When the White House was asked to make comments in relation to the statements made by Pelosi (which technically asked Biden to act on the Supreme Court decision), they did not immediately respond.

Progressive Democrats continued to camp outside of the Capitol as a form of protest

Meanwhile, progressive Democrats in the House are livid that their party allegedly did not take the eviction seriously. Sunday marked the third night that Squad member Rep. Cori Bush camped outside of the Capitol as a form of protest against Democrats’ and Biden’s lacking action.


On Monday, Bush tweeted saying that in the early morning, it feels cold as if the wind was blowing through her sleeping bag. She added that protesters have been camping at the Capitol grounds since Friday. Finally, Bush added that this issue is an eviction emergency and the people need to have the moratorium extended.