Biden-Harris Avoid Visiting the Border

"P20210125AS-1300 2" (United States government work) by The White House

Since being tapped by President Biden as the one to manage the Southern border, Kamala Harris, the nation’s vice president, is nowhere to be seen for almost 80 days. 

Harris’ international travels

As Harris traveled to Central America for her first trip as vice president, it reminded people that she is intentionally, continuously avoiding the overwhelming crisis at the Southern border. 

Every day, the Customs and Border protection are apprehending around 6,000 migrants trying to cross the border illegally.

This number of daily apprehensions is the highest in over two decades. However, despite these bad numbers, the Biden administration still fails to see the true extent of security and humanitarian issues happening in the country. 

Critics are accusing Harris of thinking the border crisis will magically disappear if she pretends it is not happening; this comes as she and Biden continuously refuse to visit the border or even hold a press conference to talk about it. 

What the media and the public get from the vice president is a mere chuckle; she laughs it off as the crisis worsens. 

During the Biden-Harris administration, the crisis at the border left Border Patrol agents outnumbered; meanwhile, facilities are packed with illegal migrants and the immigration system is defeated.

As a result of this string of problems, almost a quarter of migrants illegally crossing U.S. borders are successfully released into the country every day. 

Human traffickers and drug cartels are taking advantage

It is also notable that human traffickers take advantage of the apparent chaos; they are putting poor and vulnerable people, including children, at risk.

The vulnerable policies of the Biden-Harris administration are also attractive to drug cartels, as it made their dangerous and illicit activities easier. 

In the first few months of this year alone, the Border Patrol agents seized more fentanyl than they did in all of 2020. 

Despite Harris being designated to address the border crisis, she tries to sidestep accountability; she does this by ignoring the role that the Biden administration played in creating the crisis. 

Instead of visiting the border to see for herself what is happening there, she insists that her focus is only on the “root causes” of the migration. The White House also backed it up by saying that the border, per see, is not her concern.

Meanwhile, leaders of Central American countries are blaming the Biden administration for creating the crisis.

“foto oficial01” (public domain) by. Gobierno de Guatemala

Recently, the Guatemalan President said the crisis resulted from the “confusing” messages the Biden-Harris administration made during their first few months in office.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez also made the same remarks last March. He professed that Biden is to blame for creating “expectations” which migrants translated as a warm welcome into the United States.