Biden Goes on Another Attack on Republicans

On Monday, Joe Biden added to his string of lies on abortion and morals in a series of tweets. The lie told on Monday has some complexity to it when it comes to the topic of abortion. However, his portrayal of Republicans as being in cahoots with Satan is not. 

Biden painted Republicans and Trump supporters as anti-democratic thugs who try to suppress the vote. Now, he said, Republicans are pure evil (because they oppose abortion). 


Biden’s tweet can only be interpreted in one manner. Biden falls back on his tired, phony folk music, recasting his father as the Biden Solomon once more. Joey was given the advice to contrast evil with virtue by beginning with the latter.

Biden seems to think his party is doing wonderful work. To him, Republicans are the party of darkness.

In a politically inept and illogical move, Lindsey Graham proposed a bill to prohibit abortions beyond the 15th week of gestation. It was doomed to fail and simply served to aid Democrats and Joe Biden in gaslighting the subject. 

It’s likely that Graham’s undeliverable bill was an inspiration for Biden’s tweet. They did it so they can say “remember that the Democrats proposed a bill that would have made abortion completely legal?”

Sadly, it failed to win clearance. This contradicts the absurd reasoning behind Roe v. Wade. Democrats intended to broaden Roe so that it is allowed to kill a fully developed fetus. So who exactly is evil again?

Polling shows that while “most” Americans think Roe should have stayed the “law of the land,” they do not approve of abortion when the baby is unquestionably viable, suggesting the general public does not have a firm grasp on the topic.

For starters, it’s been 20 years since Roe v. Wade was actually “legal.” Roe’s contradictory and illogical mandates were softened by the Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision. 


Most Americans oppose abortion after a fetus is considered “viable,” despite Biden’s attempts to mislead them. Furthermore, the vast majority of Americans consider late-term abortion to be a heinous practice. 

Pew reports that 61% of Americans support legalizing abortion, but also that 81% of Americans are against abortion on demand. 

Less than 20% of Americans in the survey agreed that all abortions should be permitted. In all candor, there are doubts that the true figure is anywhere near 19%. It is possible that fewer people would respond if Americans were posed the question differently. 

Democratic candidates support legalized abortion in all circumstances. A good example is John Fetterman and that’s just plain bad. 

In truth, President Biden has caused more division than any other president. He is not only arguing that Republicans are dangerous by calling them “threats to democracy.”

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.