Biden Gifted Taliban Terrorists $7.2 Billion Worth of US Equipment, Watchdog Reveals

Biden graciously bestowed $7.2 billion worth of top-notch American military equipment upon the Taliban. This happened when he abruptly pulled US forces from Afghanistan and lost America’s 20-year-long war on terror, a government watchdog report reveals.

One of Kabul Joe’s Worst Disgraces

One of the most shameful and detrimental pages in the history of the United States of America was recorded in the summer of 2021 when Kabul Joe single-handedly lost the US war on terror in Afghanistan.

The US military, on Biden’s order, abandoned copious amounts of modern, hi-tech American-made equipment to terrorist savages.

The brief account of how Biden managed to humiliate America with his Afghanistan escape does not even mention how he had to send US troops back to Kabul. This was because he had forgotten to evacuate hundreds of thousands of Americans and US allies.

That’s not to even speak of the bigger consequences for America on the world stage. Biden let Putin’s Russia, communist China, Islamist Iran, and insane North Korea, among others, know that it was the perfect time to go on the offensive against the United States and its allies.

Biden Armed the Taliban Well

The latest report by SIGAR (the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction) shows the US military directly abandoned $7.2 billion worth of military supplies and equipment when Joe Biden ordered it to flee Afghanistan.

SIGAR is an independent agency of the US government agency, which was established by Congress in 2008 to monitor the American war and civilian policies in Afghanistan.

Its latest report, which was published at the end of February, comes after it previously released a much more damning figure.

A document that SIGAR released on July 30, 2021 revealed that since 2001, when it took over the country, the US had slated a total of $82.9 billion for the Afghan Security Forces Fund.

The report also made it clear at the time that more than $75 billion of that sum had been paid.

The new document released by SIGAR shows the equipment worth over $7 billion that the US troops abandoned in the summer of 2021. This was to the benefit of the Taliban and included aircraft, vehicles, guns, and ammunition, as well as “specialized equipment.”

More specifically, those include no fewer than 78 aircraft with an estimated worth of almost $1 billion, more than 40,000 vehicles, over 300,000 weapons, and almost 10,000 pieces of air-to-ground ammo, which cost almost $7 million.

The fresh SIGAR report got published ahead of the first congressional hearing for the investigation of Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal by the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

It is important to remember that Biden got America back where it started – the US went into Afghanistan to punish the Taliban and their ally al-Qaeda for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Now, thanks to Biden, the Taliban are back in control and probably allowing al-Qaeda to once again use the country as a safe haven for future attacks on the United States.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.