Biden Gets Taxpayers to Pay for Beating Down Stories on Hunter Leaks, GOP Probes

Joe Biden has found an “ingenious” way to try to beat down the stories about his scandalous son Hunter’s laptop and upcoming Republican probes.

He is hiring White House staffers to do that and paying them lavishly with money from the American taxpayers.

Democrats Gearing Up For Worst-Case Hunter Biden Scenario

The mind-blowing revelations from the so-called laptop from hell demonstrated Sleepy Joe’s son is heavily addicted to drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes.

They also disclosed he is involved in highly suspicious business dealings with compromised officials from Communist China and post-Soviet countries. Joe Biden may actually be heavily involved in this.

As the Republican Party is widely expected to take back the House of Representatives in November, and maybe also the US Senate, the Biden White House and Democrats are increasingly worried about the possible consequences of the “laptop revelations.”

The GOP vowed to launch all-out investigations into Hunter Biden’s affairs, which have the potential to devastate the Bidens.

In October 2020, the FBI told Facebook to censor the initial laptop revelations. The FBI may have been working to otherwise suppress them, including by presenting them as “Russian disinformation.”

According to Tony Bobulinski, former business partner of Hunter Biden, the FBI changed the course of American history by censoring the laptop’s stories and influencing the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

‘Strong Legal Team’ to ‘Serve the President’

The Biden White House recently hired two staffers with a combined annual salary of $265,000 to defend him and his administration from upcoming, Republican-led investigations into Hunter, The Daily Mail reported.

Both of those staffers – Richard Sauber and Ian Sams – were hired by the White House in May of this year.

Sauber was the chief attorney of the Department of Veteran Affairs, while Sams previously worked on Kamala Harris’ failed presidential campaign, then for the Health Department.

The former is now the “deputy counsel to the president” in charge of handling any probes carried out by the US Congress. The latter’s job is the head of communications of the White House protectors team.

Sauber’s annual taxpayer-funded salary is $155,000, while Sams is getting $110,000, the public records of the White House show.

Sams recently stated his job is to make sure the White House “is prepared” to face issues that already exist or may emerge in the future.

Rep. Jim Comer (R-KY) is expected to be the next chief of the House Oversight Committee as of January 2023.

He made it clear investigations into Hunter Biden would focus not on his addiction, custody lawsuits, and the like, but on the “security of American interests.”

Comer also described Hunter Biden as a “national security threat” and vowed to investigate the Biden family over its “foreign business relationships.”

He believes the Bidens may have been using their top-level political positions in order to “enrich themselves” and do so “to the detriment” of the United States.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.