Biden Faults Republicans For Attack on Paul Pelosi

Earlier this week, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi, was violently attacked within his own home.

Pelosi had to be hospitalized and receive serious medical care for his injuries. During the attack, it’s alleged that the assailant inside the Pelosis’ home was asking for the House Speaker. Furthermore, the weapon used in the attack against Pelosi was a hammer.

In the wake of this, many Americans have questions. Some wonder how an attacker could get this close and do this much damage in light of all the security the Pelosis must have around their home.

Joe Biden recently spoke out about the attack against the husband of the House Speaker. When doing so, Biden opted to go after Republicans, as reported by Breitbart News.

Biden on the Attack of Paul Pelosi

During the president’s commentary, he said he spoke with Nancy Pelosi who was then en route to the hospital to be with her husband. According to Biden’s account, Paul is also in recovery and doing pretty well, all things considered.

However, things took a turn when Biden mentioned “one party” that speaks about elections being rigged and coronavirus being a “hoax.” The president declared this is all “lies” and could have serious impacts on folks who aren’t mentally stable.

Later, Biden remarked the United States is dealing with too much hatred, vitriol, and anger.

It Goes Both Ways

During the president’s remarks this week, he seemed to have forgotten how he’s fed into the rage and hatred that he claims to oppose.

Months ago, Biden sounded off against “MAGA Republicans” and wrote them off as anti-democracy. Since then, Republicans have come under various attacks, such as the campaign canvasser who was working for Sen. Marco Rubio.

If the president truly wants to turn down the temperature in this country, then he has to lead by example. Thus far, Biden hasn’t done this. Instead, he’s opted to tap into rage and anger when he believes it’s beneficial to his political party.

Furthermore, the president has not lived up to his vow to be a unifier. Biden used this as a talking point to get himself elected; though, he’s had numerous instances to bring people together, rather than drive them apart, and he chose the latter over the former.

At the end of the day, Democrats can’t lay the blame for political violence and vitriol squarely at the feet of Republicans.

What do you make of Joe Biden’s comments regarding the attack against Paul Pelosi? Do you believe Biden’s had a hand in fomenting political violence, increasing division, and inciting folks who may be mentally unbalanced?

In the comments area below, you are more than welcome to weigh in with your thoughts.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.