Biden Dropping Illegal Immigrants in Florida During Secret Flights

A GOP congresswoman from Florida, Kat Cammack, chastised Biden for his ineffective border control policies, labeling it a slap on Americans’ faces.

Cammack, together with other Republican officials, likewise accused the Biden administration of conducting numerous secret flights into Florida that are carrying illegal immigrants and disturbing the peace and safety of the state.

Democrats are denying Republicans access to Florida flight records

Discussing the border security issues on a Fox News program “Fox and Friends Weekend,” Cammack noted the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) refused to give her and other Republicans access to the data about incoming flights to Florida.

She asserted Congress is unable to see who is coming into the state during the nights; a specific time is intentionally chosen by Democrats to avoid people’s attention.

Cammack said just like Nancy Pelosi (who likes to pass legislation at night to avoid public criticism), the FAA is also doing the same, at the discretion of the Biden administration.

The Republican congresswoman added if the administration is really keen to bring undocumented, unvaccinated migrants within the country, the flights should go to Delaware and San Francisco, instead of coming to Florida.

She further noted these policies are an insult to the law-abiding and taxpaying Americans who do not dare to break the laws.

Biden’s anti-border wall stance and relaxed immigration policy invited many illegal immigrants, drug cartels, and human traffickers to come travel to the United States.

Recently the Customs and Border Patrol revealed the latest data, according to which nearly 1.7 million people were apprehended at the border in the fiscal year 2021 alone.

Kat Cammack was also critical of the Biden administration on these apprehensions. Despite having such alarming data, the administration failed to take any actionable measure. She noted with the help of strong and vibrant leadership, the US could fix the border crisis once and for all.

Cammack has been making tremendous efforts to curb illegal immigration

Rep. Kat Cammack also made commendable efforts in curbing illegal immigration at the southern border. One such attempt was to introduce the DHS Border Support Services Contract Review Act in the House.

This bill was aimed at sending Customs and Border agents back to the field to handle the situation at the border. Cammack added the agents need to be on the ground to control the border, instead of babysitting already entered immigrants.

Other Republicans also chided the Biden administration’s efforts of bringing illegal immigrants to Florida through flights. The office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis noted more than 70 such flights landed in Jacksonville since summer time.

This is a concerning state of affairs for national security. Likewise, DeSantis has suggested that if Biden continues flying illegal immigrants into the state of Florida, he’ll have the migrants bussed to Delaware.