Biden Brutally Disowns Americans in Ukraine

Ukrainian-Americans are worried about their relatives stranded back home at a time when Russian forces’ advancement has intensified war. 

Meanwhile, Biden rejected evacuating Americans in Ukraine, which promoted civil rights groups to do the job.

Ukrainian Americans are worried for their loved ones at home

These days, Ukrainian-Americans are vouching for their relatives back home who have now picked up arms against Russian military aggression to defend their territory.

Protesting from New Jersey to the suburbs of New York City, Ukrainian Americans are raising their voices, saying they will not be underestimated at any cost.

One such protester, Anna Maria Kukuruza, noted her 69-year old aunt had taken the responsibility of training people how to shoot a rifle in Ukraine so they could be empowered to defend their country against Russian forces.

She suggested it is not easy to even imagine teaching people how to shoot at a time when the liberty of people is being threatened.

Kukuruza also claimed her aunt Olga started learning immediate medical treatment of injured people just before she thought the Russian invasion had become inevitable. 

Since Putin decided to advance his troops in Ukraine, more than 100,000 people have fled the country, while a much larger population has picked up arms to fight until death.

Another Ukrainian-American, Nadiya Demkiv, stated all of her family, including parents and siblings, are in Ukraine, and she lives in the hope that all of them are alive. 

Likewise, a protester, Alisa Zerkal, told Fox News Digital she has been sleepless in the last four nights, wondering whether her parents are still alive amid raging violence.

Some protesters were happy their relatives escaped the war-torn country successfully.

For instance, one such protester, Kira Myskiw, stated her five-year-old niece woke up one morning, thinking fireworks were happening in the country, but in the end, they turned out to be missiles and bombs.

Ultimately, her family ended up moving to Croatia immediately by leaving everything behind.

Biden no good for Americans in Ukraine

Meanwhile, Americans who are stranded in Ukraine are also living a nightmare these days. Last Friday, the American embassy in Ukraine issued a travel advisory, informing Americans the administration cannot help people in evacuating the country.

This development came at a time when nearly 200 people were killed, due to the armed conflict, while thousands got injured.

As Ukrainian airspace got closed when fighter jets started navigating the skies, the US embassy encouraged its citizens to use either commercial or privately owned road transport to flee the country on an immediate basis.

Those Americans who remain in Ukraine, the embassy further stated, should stay cautious, due to the persisting wave of violence that can cause civilian unrest.

Meanwhile, amid the unassertiveness of the Biden administration, Florida-based volunteer group Project Dynamo evacuated at least 23 Americans from Ukraine in its bid to help troubled Americans.