Biden Crying Foul Over America’s Poor Cyber Infrastructure

Another potential disaster is being prepared against the United States as Russia pulls up its socks to attack the cyberinfrastructure of America.

On Monday, Joe Biden warned “evolving intelligence” suggests Russia is all-set for a cyber attack and the private sectors should tighten up their security measures.

Time for America to Protect Its Cyber Space

According to Biden, this is a critical time for America to improve its national and domestic cyber security to strengthen resilience against external threats.

The sanctions the Biden administration put on Russia are worrying America more than the country these sanctions are supposed to impact.

Reportedly, the Biden administration believes Russian-backed hackers want to give the United States at least the same level of damage which American sanctions have given to Russia.

Thus, Americans are being warned about the “malicious cyber activity” of Russians to an extent that could be unimaginable.

Calling it “Russia’s playbook,” the Biden administration is looking to bolster cybersecurity in arenas where it has authority to do so. The president is emphasizing “public-private partnerships” to help the cybersecurity of the United States.

Biden also appreciated lawmakers from both sides of the aisle who have bound companies to report cyber security incidents to the government for the mutual benefit of everyone.

Likewise, the president touted his government’s effort to deter cyberspace in America. According to him, although the federal government is well equipped with everything needed to deter cyber enemies, the government cannot do everything alone.

Russia’s cyberattacks have been surging in recent times, not only against America, but also against its other adversaries as well.

For instance, Ukraine is the primary receiver of these attacks where physical bombardment of infrastructure has shattered the whole city.

However, in parallel, Russia is also intensifying its cyber operations against the country.

Russian Cyberattacks are on Steroids

Right after its invasion, Russia manipulated operations in many commercial banks of Ukraine.

Similarly, more than 100 websites in the country have been hit badly. However, these attempts of Russia are not connected to the war at all.

The country has been assertive enough to play around with American water facilities that had the potential to kill hundreds of civilians.

As these efforts of Russia are likely to escalate under the war, Biden told private business owners to accelerate their efforts to protect their digital doors.

Likewise, a ransomware attack impacted the production of the world’s largest meatpacker. After that, the United States put the blame on Russia for the misdemeanor.

Although Biden raised the issue with the Russian president, Putin has a habit of turning a blind eye to foreign demands against his vested interests.

In order to avert the persisting threat, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has been continuously working on information sharing regarding critical infrastructure in protecting networks and systems across the United States.