Biden Criticizes Texas Abortion Law: It Creates a “Vigilante System”

On Friday, Biden criticized the abortion law pushed by the state of Texas. He called it a “vigilante system” since the ban on abortion can be enforced by people who can file a lawsuit against anyone who aided an abortion. 

The president likewise added that the Justice Department is looking at whether they can put a limit on the action of the citizens implementing the law. 

Biden called the Texas abortion law “un-American”

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court refused to ban the new law in Texas, which forbids women to undergo abortion after there is a fetal heartbeat is sensed, which happens at around six weeks. The law likewise allows private individuals to file suit against people who assisted in the process of abortion of a fetus after six weeks. 

Accordingly, citizens who are successful in suing people who infringed upon the law could be awarded at least $10,000. The decision to reject the ban was made by the Supreme Court with a 5-4 decision.

Biden likewise noted that the law is “un-American,” claiming that he is not referring to individuals who believe that life begins at conception. However, he noted that he respects this belief, although he does not speak about it in public. 

The president continued, stating he was told there are possibilities within the present law to have the Department of Justice look into it. The DoJ can then see if there are things that can be made to restrict the autonomous actions of people enforcing the Texas abortion law. 

Biden, however, acknowledged that he does not know enough information to give a definite answer, but he has asked the Justice Department to look into it. Earlier this week, Biden indicated that they would make unilateral action where it is possible. 

The law bans abortion as soon as a fetal heartbeat is detected

The president likewise noted he would be asking the Gender Policy Council and counsels of the White House to launch a full government effort as a counteraction to the recent abortion law. He added that the Department of Health and Human Services would also be tapped to assist in their effort. 

The abortion law, which Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed last May, took effect on Wednesday. The law bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat is identified, which occurs at six weeks into pregnancy. The only exception the law made was in cases of medical emergencies. 

On the other hand, the White House press secretary was asked by a male reporter about Biden’s support for abortion since the Catholic Church is strongly against it. 

Psaki stated she is aware the reporter has never faced any of these choices, nor has he been pregnant. She continued, stating that for women who have been facing these types of choices, it is a difficult thing. Psaki added that Biden believes the right to abortion should be respected.