Biden Could Be In Over His Head With the Musk Investigations

Ever since the midterm elections came to quite the anticlimactic close, everyone quickly made the switch back to the hottest topic in Washington from only a few weeks ago, that being Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase.

However, despite there being records of foreign donations to the company dating back over a decade, old Joe just won’t give up on the idea that there’s something fishy going on. He stated an investigation is still not off the menu.

Biden can expect immense political backlash over federal investigation into Musk’s Twitter acquisition

Immediately after voting closed and he was done painting Republicans as a “threat to democracy”, Biden copied and pasted the same ludicrous claims to the Twitter acquisition, declaring the foreign financing Musk received can pose a security threat.

According to Biden, Musk’s involvement and cooperation with foreign investors, most notably Saudi Arabia, is definitely worth taking a look at, even if he wasn’t actually doing any of it with malicious intent.

What Biden seems to have forgotten is it was none other than him who met with the Saudis in secrecy only a few months ago, attempting to strike an oil deal that would do little to put a stop to the ongoing energy crisis.

These wild claims coming straight from the commander-in-chief could set the stage for what may become the biggest showdown in the upcoming year; as for 2024, well we all know what’s coming then.

Biden isn’t even the worst of the bunch

As it turns out though, Biden’s remarks were nothing in comparison to what his national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, had to say about the acquisition. The aforementioned proposed that CFIUS conduct an investigation into Musk’s ownership of the company as well.

Even though the donations that are a supposed “security threat” only make up 8% of the total deal, they managed to grab the attention of those concerned with foreign influence on a platform where political discourse is as common as it is on Twitter.

If the investigation does indeed happen, the Biden administration could end up ordering Musk to rework some of the foreign investments or outright block the deal itself; although this all hinges on the investigation being warranted in the first place.

If we look at the much broader picture, Biden’s motivation could be more political than initially thought. It was only recently that Musk mocked the president for one of his gaffes and even told Independents to vote Republican in the midterms.

This makes any investigation into Musk and the Twitter acquisition extremely questionable. It could easily be a case of Biden and White House chief of staff Ron Klain attempting to push Twitter into a mold that fits their narrative.

Fortunately, Musk is dead-set on maintaining free speech on the platform; there’s no amount of bullying that Biden could direct at him that could sway him from his idea.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.