SHOCKING: Biden “Consciously Enriching Cartels”

"P20210125AS-1300 2" (United States government work) by The White House

On Tuesday, Fox News Primetime host Mark Steyn lamented in his monologue the massive increase in human smuggling into the United States as the Biden administration fails to secure the southern border. 

The Fox News host stated that under Biden administration, the Department of Homeland Security is “laughably misnamed,” stating that the crisis and undoing of previously stringent policies had opened a horrifying “express-lane” for human traffickers. 

Steyn said, “I’m an immigrant to this great Republic,” specifying that he was a legal immigrant from Canada.

“Don’t worry; I’m not an undocumented immigrant. I’m the other kind — and boy, I wouldn’t make that mistake again: Years in the system, the arbitrary whelm of the bureaucracy, the paperwork…” the Fox News host added.

Steyn also mentioned how a Filipino national who is serving as a priest in Vermont had reportedly been deported because his temporary visa had expired before the administration was able to process his Green Card application.

The Fox News host added, “Fortunately under the laughably misnamed Department of Homeland Security there’s now an express check-in — Just get a human trafficker to throw you into the country,” he said, referring to the video of Mexican traffickers dropping toddlers off a 14-foot section of the border wall that was constructed under President Trump. 

“It’s time for your toddler to start crawling — through the desert,” Steyn said.

Steyn also added that people on the left, for some reason, see a relaxed immigration system like the one being instituted as “compassionate.”

He said, “[They] think the government being industrial-scale enablers of some of the most evil people on the planet is progressive and compassionate. It’s not.”

Steyn continued, “There is nothing kind about incentivizing human trafficking, which, by the way, is merely a synonym for slavery and the same people who want to tear down the statue if the guy’s family had a plantation 300 years ago are all cool with the global trade in human beings of the 21st century.”

Then the Fox News host made a statement saying that Biden is consciously enriching these cartels and assures them that they can expand their operations.

“So, Joe Biden or whoever has got his hand waggling that moth-eaten sock-puppet is consciously enriching these cartels and ensuring that they can expand their operations including more fentanyl to kill Americans and some would-be jihadists now and then,” Steyn said.

“Joe Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The Fox News host also added that the country is witnessing what is becoming a “lopsided business partnership between America and coyotes at a time of global pandemic — when almost every national border on the planet, including the northern U.S. Border, is closed down.”

According to him, the southern border has been entirely dissolved “because, apparently, it’s the one place on Earth where the COVID just evaporates — no danger there.”

Steyn also made a remark that the people centuries ago into what is now Germany were apparently not woke enough when they forged the Peace of Westphalia, which established the contemporary idea of borders.

“What do those guys know? They are not all caring and sensitive like you NPR and ‘New York Times’ types who know that every time a kid gets tossed into America, a coyote gets his wings.”

“Migrants Surrender to U.S. Border Patrol” (United States government work) by U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Compared to the United States, Canada, a neighboring country, is allowing very few people in either by land or by air from the United States. They merely instituted a stringent exception for Alaskans who are trying to travel by land to and from the rest of the continental United States.