Biden Condemns Herschel Walker Without Even Stepping Foot in Georgia

After a series of public appearances claiming GOP members are spreading lies and a hateful narrative surrounding Democrats, President Joe Biden jumped on the bandwagon himself, taking a shot at Georgia’s Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

However, he did so without even entering the Peach State, likely aware his mere presence would cause Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock’s numbers to start plummeting.

Biden takes a shot at Georgia’s runoff election candidate

During his visit to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Biden made the wild claim that the state’s runoff election had only one honorable man running for office, alluding to the idea Herschel has been compromised.

Biden said the Tuesday runoff was no referendum, stating it is rather a choice between two men, one of which doesn’t deserve to be in the United States Senate, on account of what he’d said before.

On the other hand, though, Biden shed praise on the Democratic candidate, claiming him to be the only decent, honorable candidate in the election.

As a result of the midterms, Democrats have retained the Senate majority over the Republicans, mainly due to Vice President Kamala Harris breaking ties with ease.

Walker at least knows entry-level biology

However, Walker’s victory this Tuesday would turn the already razor-tight advantage Senate Democrats have into an almost negligible one; that can’t easily be overlooked, considering that two moderate Democrats hold a lot of power in the Senate.

A win for Walker would also trample on Democrats’ attempts at breaking the filibuster on certain pieces of legislation, which require 60 votes to be passed into law.

Once election night came, neither of the two candidates collected over 50% of the total votes cast.

This was caused by Georgia’s Libertarian Party candidate Chase Oliver, who commandeered 2% of the overall Georgia Senate vote; although, with Oliver out of the picture, the race will easily turn into a winner-takes-all.

Every single-day record for early voting was broken last week; this usually tends to favor the Democrats, who don’t seem too fond of casting the early vote and rather opt to vote on Election Day.

Much to the dismay of the Democrat Party, early voting took place in all of the 27 counties that typically lean towards the left during an election season; this, therefore, means the early numbers may end up being somewhat misleading.

Walker did accept that he and his candidate have quite the contrast between them, seeing as Walker is a 1982 Heisman Trophy winner in college football.

Walker also understands why biological men don’t belong in women’s sports, unlike Warnock, who is convinced that men can get pregnant.

So, it is no surprise why the current president chose to support a candidate who denies basic biology and science.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.