Biden Claims He Helped an Elderly Lady Fight off an Entire Gang

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

When he’s not sedated by whoever is in control of his public appearance, US President Joe Biden just loves to go off on a tangent when talking to the crowd.

He’s often telling wild, incoherent stories from his past that one wouldn’t even expect to hear from a vagrant standing outside a 7/11. His Tuesday appearance in Pennsylvania was supposed to address the safety issues in local communities.

While he got off to a good start, Biden quickly segued into a completely unrelated story of how he saved an elderly lady’s life in Wilmington, Delaware this one time.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Grandpa Biden’s off his meds again

While talking, Biden almost spoke the woman’s name out loud; albeit he promptly corrected himself, claiming he shouldn’t be mentioning her name, likely due to a timely intervention from his PR team.

After he’d set the scene for the story, Biden segued into one of the conversations he’d had with the woman in question, alluding the elderly woman was worried her downstairs neighbors were criminals, more specifically, members of a gang.

Naturally, Biden being the aspect of heroism and patriotism, assured the woman the situation would be dealt with and he would deal with it right there and then.

A story of Biden going downstairs and beating every one of those criminals into a bloody pulp would definitely be a sight to behold. However, the crowd wasn’t honored with such a tale, but preferred one that’s even more out of touch and hilarious than one would hope for.

The American people don’t see Biden as trustworthy

According to Biden, he’d given the elderly woman a phone number for the local police, despite the fact dialing 911 is practically second nature for just about everyone who suspects criminal behavior is going down.

This being a story though, the police immediately took action, assuring the woman she would remain anonymous. Just like that, the crime rate started to drop!

While it’s certainly possible that Biden did assist a woman in Delaware with calling the police, many have pointed out our president just loves to overexaggerate his stories.

Many Twitter users pointed out the story could definitely be at least somewhat plausible, but Biden’s tendencies to make stuff up just don’t make him a trustworthy man.

Sadly, we’ve reached a point where the majority of the American populace believes the current president can’t be trusted; yet, the calls for his impeachment continue to fall on deaf ears.

Hilariously enough, this isn’t the first time Biden’s been caught in his own web of lies. He previously told an equally tall tale about his experiences with Amtrak during his years as vice president with the Obama administration.

Apparently, Biden was under fire for using Air Force Two a bit too frequently, to which he responded he’d use the train if his security let him, cleverly shifting into a story about how an Amtrak conductor calculated he traveled more by train than by plane in his lifetime.

Just about everything, start to finish, about this story sounds like a load of baloney. Given his track record with Air Force One during his presidency, it’s safe to say the Amtrak story is another coverup of his.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.