Biden Calls Out For Deceased Congresswoman in Latest ‘Senior Moment’ Gaffe

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President Joe “Multiple Crisis” Biden displayed a new shocking “senior moment” gaffe. During a speech, he tried to call out for a Republican congresswoman who died in a car crash last month.

‘She Must NOT Be Here!’

Biden, who is turning 80 in two months, has become notorious for his embarrassing senility-driven gaffes. He was speaking in Washington, DC, at the Hunger, Nutrition, and Health Conference of the White House.

At one point in his address, he began seeking out in the crowd late GOP Congresswoman of Indiana, Jackie Walorski.

He decided to call out for the deceased Republican politician in order to thank her and other lawmakers for their work on a federal plan for ending hunger by 2030.

“’Jackie, are you here?” Biden asked, as he interrupted his own remarks to honor the congresswoman in real time, seeming oblivious to the fact she is no longer among the living.

“Where’s Jackie?” the Democratic president kept asking. “She must not be here!” he declared, adding further to the embarrassing situation of him forgetting the Republican lawmaker died in tragic circumstances last month.

Biden’s attempt to call out for late Rep. Jackie Walorski came after his praise for other US lawmakers who worked on the bipartisan hunger initiative – GOP Senator Mike Braun and Democratic Senator Cory Booker.

58-year-old Walorksi perished in a head-on car collision on her way back from an opening ceremony in Claypool, Indiana on August 3, 2022. She was one of four people killed in the crash.

After her death, President Joe Biden released a statement, including an announcement that her memory would be honored by flying White House flags at half-mast.

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It’s All About the ‘Top’ of Biden’s ‘Mind’

Defending the president after his fresh senility-driven gaffe, his spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, told reporters it wasn’t “unusual” for anyone to mention deceased persons who are “at the top of mind,” The Daily Mail reported.

Jean-Pierre kept repeating the “top of mind” phrase. She argued Biden’s blunder was not “confusing.” Her bizarre explanation prompted one reporter to say he had John Lennon as “top of mind,” but wasn’t looking for him.

Jean-Pierre tried to fight back by saying “this conversation” could be continued when he became president and “signed a bill” for John Lennon. Her reply threw the briefing room in disarray, with shouting coming from both ends.

Biden’s original gaffe exacerbated by his press secretary’s bizarre explanation infuriated Republicans, who called for an apology to Walorski’s family from the president.

Among those who called for Biden’s apology to the family of late Rep. Jackie Walorski was Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler from Missouri. Hatrzler wrote on Twitter that Walorski’s family “deserves better than that.”

To make Biden’s embarrassment even bigger, the White House was supposed to show a video tribute to the late congresswoman during the event. Members of her family had been scheduled to meet with the president on Friday.

Jean-Pierre tried to spin the latter to Biden’s advantage, claiming the appointment in question was partly why he got confused and had Walorski on his mind.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.