Biden “Calls It a Lid” on Campaign until after the Final Debate

"IMG_7333" (CC BY 2.0) by Matt Johnson

The democrat nominees called it a lid and will not return to the campaign trail until after Joe Biden’s debate with President Trump on Thursday night.

Since last Sunday evening, Joe Biden is now back in his home state at Wilmington, Delaware, after campaigning in North Carolina. According to Biden Campaign, the Democratic presidential nominee will not be back on the campaign trail and called it a lid. 

“Calling a lid” is said when a candidate tells the press that they do not have any more events schedules, usually for the day. According to the Biden Campaign, Joe Biden will be focused on preparing for the final debate, which was scheduled on Thursday. 

President Trump: “He [Joe Biden] does a lid all the time.”

Last Thursday night in Jacksonville, President Trump asked, “Did you see he did a ‘lid’ this morning again”, then he paused to allow a definition for the inside baseball term. The President then said, “A lid is when you put out word you’re not going to be campaigning today. So, he does a lid all the time.”

President Trump also made a similar joke at Biden’s expense in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. The President gleefully recited the single syllable word, to the enjoyment of his campaign aides, who considers it as now their favorite bit from the President’s rallies.

On Friday, the President compared his recent barnstorming to Joe Biden’s days spent at home, planning for events, recuperating, and raising money via virtual events. 

The President, whose own weekend spent watching TV and golf outings were mocked endlessly by liberals, stated, “I’m working my ass off, I’m in Ohio. I’m in Texas. I’m in Florida. I’m in Michigan. I’m in Wisconsin.” While speaking in Atlanta, the President noted that Biden yet again returned home. 

The President also addressed the critiques of the Trump administration by saying, “Hey champ, if I lose to a guy — that’s like you losing to a fighter that, you know, hasn’t worked out in the last six months. This guy never goes out! It’s terrible, huh?” 

He further made remarks stating that his campaign should better make sure that he wins because if he losses, he will be very embarrassed since he lost to someone who didn’t campaign. 

Joe Biden, avoiding public events since the coronavirus pandemic began

Mid-March, just after the former Vice President secured the Democratic nomination, the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. As a result of this, Joe Biden was limited to campaigning virtually from home, where the Biden campaign created a television studio in his Delaware home.

The former Vice President has also avoided public events and the media since the pandemic began and has made it a regular practice of calling a lid to limit the press access.

Biden campaign reported that the Democrat nominee would be using this time to prepare for the upcoming Presidential debate in Nashville on Thursday. 

The final Presidential Debate will be held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, this coming Thursday. Kristen Welker, by NBC News, will be the moderator.