Biden Blames Republicans For the Attack on Pelosi’s Husband!

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

During one of his public appearances in Pennsylvania this week, President Biden addressed the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband that happened Friday this week, claiming Republicans were responsible.

The police reports from the response team that showed up at the Pelosi home around 2:30 AM describe the suspect and Paul Pelosi were seen fighting for control of a hammer.

Then, the former pulled the weapon away and violently assaulted the House Speaker’s husband.

“Nancy Pelosi” by Gage Skidmore

Republicans marked as violent, dangerous by Biden once again

In the wake of the attack, Biden declared it to have been a despicable act, saying it “has no place in America,” completely unaware of what actually happened.

He went on to claim the attack was politically motivated and the US has been overrun with political violence. This is only half true, considering it’s mostly the Democrats and Antifa groups committing these random acts of violence.

As it turns out though, several fact-checking websites identified the attacker as David DePape, born in 1980 in Berkeley. Seeing as he attended several Castro nudist protests, it’s somewhat obvious that his political affiliations don’t exactly align with Biden’s narrative.

DePape was previously mentioned in a 2013 article from the San Francisco Chronicle, albeit with his name misspelled, with him being described as a hemp jewelry maker.

Biden’s comments continue pushing the left’s divisive narrative

While it would be feeding into a stereotype to assume DePape was a left-leaning liberal from these pieces of information, it’s hard not to. He fits every part of the stereotype so well, including the continuous posting of debunked conspiracies on his social media.

Even though he tries to portray himself as someone striving to unify this country, Biden’s attacks on MAGA supporters and Republicans, in general, are only increasing the divide that’s been plaguing the US for decades. The scarring from it will be hard to move past.

Claiming Trump supporters are “extremists” and “domestic terrorists” is nothing short of hypocritical, especially considering the violent protests and rioting that the left-leaning crowd has been involved in ever since the June 2020 BLM riots.

If anything, we can rest assured knowing the GOP will be making a clean sweep in the midterm elections this year. Once the majority of House seats are taken over, the next big step is aiming for the White House.

Several GOP officials have proposed Biden’s impeachment, with each of the requests being shot down immediately. Although that won’t be the case for much longer, so long as the Republicans keep up the pressure they’ve been putting on the left.

At the rate things are going, it remains to be seen what Biden says or does next. All things considered, whatever it is, it won’t be good.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.