Biden Blames MAGA Supporters For Possible Abortion Ban

Joe Biden found an opportunity to criticize Donald Trump’s supporters in the wake of the leaked documents from the Supreme Court that can restrict abortion access.

He thinks an abortion ban can even restrict people’s choice to marry as per their own will.

Biden Blamed MAGA Supporters for Leaked Supreme Court Documents

According to Biden, the high-profile Supreme Court leak is much “more than abortion,” adding the “MAGA crowd is the most radical political organization” America has seen in recent history.

While Biden defended his economic agenda and pledged to cut the US federal deficit by the end of the current fiscal year, he was asked about the leaked documents of the Supreme Court.

Responding to that, Biden recalled the confirmation hearing of former President Ronald Reagan’s Supreme Court nominee, Robert Bork.

Back then, Biden was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

According to Biden, Bork told him people enjoy every right just because the government is willing to give them these rights. However, Biden said he told the nominee some of the rights are given by God.

Thus, Biden made an analogy of the possible Supreme Court decision with the remarks of Bork. He stated restricting abortion access would be like taking inherent rights away from the people.

Biden made another weird analogy, asking what the reaction of the court would be if states started banning LGBT children from attending classrooms with other students.

Likewise, the president yelled at anti-abortion people, asking, “what the next things are” to be attacked by these supporters of “MAGA.” 

Biden Obsessed With Possible Abortion Restrictions

These comments of Biden are in line with his last month’s remarks against the Republican Party. Back then, he said today’s GOP “ain’t your father’s Republican Party.”

Similarly, he said even right-wing politicians are afraid to act in a traditional GOP way, as they believe they will lose their primary elections if they do not comply with MAGA ideology.

When the news of the Supreme Court document leak made headlines, Biden criticized the possible decision of the bench. He indicated this “radical decision” would also snatch a “whole range of rights” away from Americans.

The president said “the idea” of the court concerns him, as women will not have a “right to choose” after this decision. Furthermore, the “rationale” and “notion” of privacy would become questionable after the decision, Biden noted.

He also accused the judges of “not acknowledging” the right to privacy embedded in the constitution.

According to Biden, if the court acts in the way mentioned in the leaked draft, many other rights will also be made controversial, including people’s right to marry and raise their children as per their choice.

The president kept on saying he opposed many Supreme Court nominees, just because they did not know about the “9th Amendment” of the American Constitution.