Biden Backpedals After Panning of His Primetime Speech

On Thursday, Joe Biden gave one of the darkest political speeches of all time. Biden directly labeled former President Trump, along with his supporters, as a threat to America’s democracy.

Biden also called for “MAGA Republicans” to be “stopped,” asserting they wish to take the country backward and strip people of their fundamental rights.

The president’s speech was criticized by not just Republicans, but also media officials with CNN, NBC, etc. Biden especially took heat for having Marines on either side of him while he delivered a speech that was nakedly partisan and political.

The White House has been pushing back against criticism. Although on Friday, when Biden was asked why he deemed all supporters of Trump to be enemies of democracy, Biden tried walking things back, as documented by Breitbart News.

Backpedalling in Real Time

When confronted at the White House about his speech on Thursday, the president claimed he doesn’t view any particular supporter of Trump as a threat to democracy.

Biden then elaborated by arguing that election denials, calls to violence, use of violence, and changing the ways votes are counted pose threats to democracy.

In the strongest attempt to backpedal, Biden claimed that Trump supporters weren’t casting ballots to overturn the 2020 election or storm the Capitol. The president even went as far as claiming that not every Trump supporter agrees with all actions of Trump.

After saying Trump supporters were merely voting for the former president’s “philosophy,” Biden again reiterated his views that violence, election manipulation, and election denial are what he deems as not in keeping with democracy.

Too Little, Too Late?

On Friday, despite Biden’s attempt to walk things back, many people said it was too little too late.

Despite what Biden expressed on Friday or what he may say in the future, the speech he made on Thursday is out there and it reached millions of Americans.

Thursday’s speech (and not after the fact) was the time for the president to clarify his views on Trump supporters and “MAGA Republicans.”

Despite Biden’s efforts to walk things back on Friday, he can no longer assert himself as a unifier who wants to reduce political division and bring people together.

Thursday showed what Biden truly is all about. If nothing else, it demonstrated the president has no issue coaxing political division if he believes it may aid his party in winning the midterm elections.

The president made his bed. Now, he and the Democrat Party will have to lie in it, no matter the outcomes.

What do you think about Joe Biden attempting to walk back his claims from Thursday’s speech after receiving significant backlash over it? In the comments area, feel free to let us know where you stand on this.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.