Biden Announced Not To Change Any Policy After Losing Midterms

Joe Biden has refused to change his governance model and policies, despite Democrats’ defeat in the 2022 midterm elections. The president claimed the “red wave” did not happen, so he would not change any of his policies.

Even though Democrats are on the verge of losing their House majority, Biden noted his party performed well in the elections.

Biden Shows his Rigidness Even After Losing Midterms

Midterm elections are usually considered a referendum on the incumbent president.

So, after seeing Democrats lose in the House, a journalist asked Biden how the election results would impact his agenda in the next two years. Biden responded he would not change anything even after the midterm elections.

Furthermore, Biden asserted voters are just finding out what he is doing to control inflation. Once voters know more about the Democrats’ attempt to reduce inflation, Biden continued, the government will start enjoying more support from people.

Apart from that, Biden mocked political analysts and pollsters who predicted a sweeping Republican victory in the midterm elections. The president noted the red wave did not come at all, despite continuous warnings from media outlets.

Biden did realize that he lost the House majority in the midterm elections. So, Biden claimed he is ready to work with Republican lawmakers, adding he would soon start talking with upcoming House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

While describing his agenda, Biden warned he is not aiming to reduce taxes and social spending at any cost. As Republican lawmakers are likely to pass bills to suppress social spending and taxes, Biden claimed he has the power of a pen that can veto any bill.

Biden also predicted that Republicans are struggling politically, which would force them to distance themselves from Trump. In addition to that, Biden claimed he would not deteriorate his relationship with the GOP because of MAGA Republicans since pro-Trump people are in the minority.

Political Analysts Slammed Biden for His Rigidness

Meanwhile, political analysts called Biden arrogant and tone-deaf after his comments that he would not change his governance style, even after losing the midterm elections.

One foreign policy analyst, Nile Gardiner, claimed Biden had an arrogant press briefing in which he revealed he would not change his policies.

Since Democrats are about to lose the House and possibly the Senate, Gardiner continued, these types of comments from Biden suggest he is completely out of touch with Americans.

Republican Congressman Andy Biggs also stated Biden seems highly disconnected from on-ground realities, urging him to make such tone-deaf comments. 

Likewise, political commentator David Limbaugh established that Republicans could get a political advantage if Biden showed rigidness in his governance.

Limbaugh also added Biden could get even more unpopular if he sticks to his policies in times to come.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.