Biden and Psaki Just Admitted Their Own Lies?

On Thursday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was grilled about her past comments regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop controversy.

She previously defended Hunter Biden before the 2020 election; however, this time, she dodged the questions.

Hunter Biden Facing Controversy Again

Reportedly, Hunter Biden forgot to collect his laptop from a repair shop in Delaware, which acted as the starting point of all the controversy.

The laptop revealed an executive of a Ukrainian energy firm thanked Hunter Biden as he introduced him to his father. These comments were contradictory to Biden claiming he was alienated from his son’s “overseas business dealings.”

While Joe Biden was in charge of America’s Ukraine policy under the Obama administration in 2015, business executive Pozharskyi sent an email to Hunter Biden. He thanked Hunter for introducing him to the then-vice president.

Reportedly, the executive paid Hunter $1 million per year, even though he had no relevant experience in the industry. As the news went viral, even Hunter Biden refused to deny the laptop was not his personal belonging.

Psaki is Not Owning Her Words

When Psaki was asked about her and Biden’s past comments about Hunter Biden’s leaked business emails, she did not deny the accusations this time.

Instead, she stated the reporter asking the question should turn to the Department of Justice and Hunter Biden’s representatives to get Hunter’s official response.

According to Psaki, she works for the United States government and Hunter Biden does not work for the government.

When the New York Times investigated the matter, it reached the conclusion the emails did come from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he abandoned in a Delaware shop.

Initially, Biden and Psaki spoke against these allegations. As a then-presidential candidate, Biden called the media story “a bunch of garbage” and said the story was a “Russian plant.”

Most of the time, Psaki directly refuses to answer any query regarding Hunter Biden and his controversial business dealings. However, this time, she did not dare to deny the comments altogether.

After the 17 months of the New York Post bombshells, which exposed Hunter Biden’s emails, the New York Times verified those emails and found them true. 

Within these 17 months, Democrats, in general, were consistent in denying any allegations on Biden’s son and calling it Russian misinformation.

Even Facebook and Twitter censored content regarding the Post’s claims and sided with the Democratic narrative. A reporter of the Daily Mail, Rob Crilly, asked Psaki again whether she was lamenting about her own false reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop episode.

Once again, she dodged the question and told the reporter she is the representative of the United States government.

The Post reports have even shown pictures and documents of Joe Biden attending a 2015 DC dinner in which a whole group of his son’s associates, including Pozharskyi, was present.

Hunter Biden has often landed himself in a controversy with foreign countries. Recently, he was found selling a lucrative cobalt mine to China, which put American interests at risk.