Biden and Harris’ Personal Animosity is Destroying America

The tensions between Kamala Harris’ office and Joe Biden are getting higher, as both of them are not ready to take the burden of the federal government’s failure.

These differences, which have been prevailing since the start of Biden’s presidency, are touching unprecedented limits these days.

New Book Unleashes Differences Between Biden and Harris

In an upcoming book “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future” by two New York Times reporters, Biden’s communication director, Kate Bedingfield, is quoted as telling the inside story of increasing differences between both offices.

She noted the vice presidency is not the first position in which Harris is falling shy of the expectations of others.

Her Senate office was equally messy; her presidential campaign was nothing less than a disaster, the communications director added.

The latest report from the reporter of RealClearPolitics, Philip Wegmann, indicated the differences are not present between the top two offices only, but also at the individual levels between Biden and Harris.

When Biden assumed the top office, he vowed to have one lunch per week with his vice president. This was supposed to be the continuation of the tradition that he and Barack Obama set in the past.

However, reportedly, only a few such lunch events have happened this time, due to the rising differences between both the stakeholders.

According to Biden’s public schedule, both of them sat only twice this year for lunch in almost 17 weeks of the current year.

One such event happened when both of them sat to discuss the nomination of a new black woman for the Supreme Court, while the second time they met was after Biden’s return to America from Poland last month.

The writers of the upcoming book, Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns, have even asserted that both leaders lacked “political intimacy,” even in a couple of lunches they shared.

White House is Still Turning the Blind Eye To the Crisis

Still, White House aides have claimed the pandemic and conflicting schedules of Biden and Harris are the primary reasons for their lack of lunches together.

However, last year when they sat for lunches comparatively more times than this year, the pandemic was more widespread. 

Some elements are claiming Biden was not even interested in picking Harris as his running mate, which is the primary reason for the prevailing differences between the top two offices.

Reportedly, he was forced to select a black woman by the “woke” wing of the Democrat Party. Not only this, but the new book claimed first lady Jill Biden did not even want Biden to select Kamala Harris as his running mate.

The latest tensions between both of them sky-rocketed when Biden gave Harris the assignment to control illegal immigration, but she miserably failed to meet his expectations.

However, Harris still believes her potential is not being utilized to the fullest in the current administration.