Biden Administration Spends Millions on Gender Equity in Climate Finance!

While the rest of us are trying our hardest to make ends meet, with each passing month more difficult than the last, Joe Biden is off spending millions of taxpayer dollars on programs that couldn’t have possibly been anyone’s priority in this economy.

This time around, it’s a fund that is set to address the supposed “inequality” that women face in climate finance. The aptly named “Climate Gender Equity Fund” was announced at the COP 27 climate change conference in Egypt.

Biden’s “Climate Gender Equity Fund” is as bad as it sounds

Naturally, despite being a program that provides technical skills, networking, and a starting capital for climate leaders of the world, it is exclusive to women.

This is going hand in hand with the UN’s sentiment about male journalists and their lack of importance in comparison to their female counterparts.

The initial funding of the project is announced to be $6 million, with USAID and Amazon investing $3 million each. This is money that could’ve contributed to the impoverished communities in the US, instead of tackling a global non-issue.

Hilariously enough, Amazon likely jumped on the train just to check some woke boxes.

Spokespersons for the company claimed the program will help women accelerate the development of their climate change technology, yet the company is still using standard internal combustion engine vehicles.

Sustainability VP Kara Hurst’s take may have been the worst one to date, as she claimed the equality program to be an important step in solving climate change, despite there being dozens of other, much less woke factors to it.

It’s about as good as burning $6M in cash

To no one’s surprise, this isn’t the only pointless program that the Biden administration launched recently; it’s only been a short while since the “Indigenous Peoples Finance Access Facility” was created.

Much like the aforementioned fund, this $2 million program is yet another attempt at throwing money at a “major issue” while also ignoring the grand scheme of things, as it’s set to improve the access of Indigenous people to climate finance.

If we’re able to ignore the crumbling economy, energy crisis, and the current southern border situation, climate change certainly does pop up in the top ten for some Americans. Yet, even then, it’s not enough to warrant all this government spending.

It seems that Biden simply loves spending money, regardless of how irresponsible and pointless it is. Considering that we’re headed straight for one of America’s biggest recessions in the upcoming year, all of it is bound to backfire tremendously.

Bidenflation is still going as strong as ever; although you won’t hear it from the Democrats, most of them claiming it will pass in due time, with due time being in four years when we’re all starved to death.

Unfortunately, the GOP did underperform in the midterm elections this time around. The wave of red never came, allowing the party to secure only a small majority of House seats.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.