Biden Administration Leaves Communities Near the Border on the Edge

"U.S.-Mexico Border" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Anthony Albright

Biden’s policies made hundreds of migrants rushing down the southern border despite the fact that the U.S.-Mexico border remains closed because of the pandemic. Communities near the border are now on the edge as the influx of migrants kept rising at the U.S. Mexico border including in Nogales, Arizona.

Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino said, “It’s going to be an uphill battle for Border Patrol and U.S. Customs and Border Protection and an uphill battle for all our border communities from San Diego all the way to Brownsville.”

Garino added that he has not seen so many illegal migrants in his town so far. However, they are expecting huge traffic to pick up soon across the Southwest, particularly in Texas and in California. The mayor is also worried that this influx of illegal crossings might have negative impacts on COVID-19 cases. 

The mayor also made a bold statement saying that the Biden administration “has opened up the doors for everybody to come and I’m expecting for it to happen.”

Garino added, “Of course it worries me, it worries me more in the health and safety of the residents of Nogales and the state of Arizona.”

The possibilities of changing U.S. immigration laws by the current administration are encouraging many people to try and cross the U.S. Border. According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the numbers has already doubled in the past few months, compared with what they have last year. 

Cochise County rancher John Ladd said, “We actually had some law and order on the border during Trump’s administration, there is no law on the border right now.”

Ladd also said that his family has owned the land for over 125 years. He stated that during the Obama Administration there were hundreds of illegal immigrants crossing the borders until former President Trump came into office, that is when the numbers slowed down. Now, Ladd is saying that the illegal immigrants crossing are again ramping back up since Biden was inaugurated. 

Along Ladd’s ranch runs 10.5 miles of the border wall. He stated that during the Trump administration, he saw around 20 people every month, illegally crossing onto his land. However, since Biden took office, he has seen dozens of them. 

“On Sunday they caught 100 in a five-mile area on our ranch. Yesterday I knew we had four groups, today I know we got two groups going on right now. It’s around the clock every day and night and they’re coming again,” said Ladd. 

Ladd continued, “You don’t realize how luxurious it is to get eight hours of sleep without being woke up in the middle of the night with somebody coming around your house.”

The Cochise County rancher also added that although the construction of the border wall is almost complete on his land, there are still gaps nearby. On top of that, other safety measures such as flood gates and security lighting are also currently on hold. For now, all he can do is report any illegal activity to the sheriff’s office or Border Patrol.

Meanwhile, the numbers of migrants who tested positive for COVID-19 has doubled. 

Officials said that the number of migrants who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus after being released by the Border Patrol into Texas has nearly doubled, officials say. 

A spokesperson for Brownsville, Felipe Romero tells Fox News that there were 185 migrants that dropped off and rapid-tested have contracted the coronavirus. This number is notably higher than the previous number he disclosed last Wednesday.

Romero also added that as of Saturday, there were a total of 1,553 migrants that have tested positive for COVID-19 since January 25 after coming across the U.S.-Mexico border.