Biden Administration to Introduce Trangenderism in Schools

The Biden administration is ready to change the interpretation of Title IX, which would radically alter the way children are being taught in schools.

As the definition of “sex” would be changed under newly proposed rules, it would empower underage kids to change their gender identity without the consent of their parents.

Biden Ready to Indoctrinate Children 

Congress wanted to eliminate sex-based discrimination in education when it introduced Title IX reforms back in 1972. However, the radical interests of the Biden administration are now threatening this.

Once “gender identity” is introduced in the definition of sex, it would force schools to teach students about this controversial subject. 

Thus, school administrations will be able to exploit emotionally stressed students under legal cover, while urging them to change their gender identity.

If any school prohibits addressing the confusion of children regarding gender identity, it could be fined heavily for breaching a federal law.

Not only this, but new regulations can even make “gender support plans” necessary for every school. This means the fundamental notion that we are born as male or female would be challenged.

As per the new plan, children would know that doctors “assign” children their sexual identity after they are born.

Schools Will Be Radically Altered

Most often, schools make these plans without informing parents.

Likewise, school administrations also lie to parents that no such plan exists in their institute, while they continue to indoctrinate the masses.

With the new laws, schools will be empowered to bring drastic changes openly, while parents will only mourn.

For instance, some public schools in Virginia told their staff members to mislead parents while they continue treating their children against their natural sexes.

Similarly, a Wisconsin school imposed a gender support plan intended to deceive parents.

In California, public schools encouraged young children to “secretly transition,” as the school intervened in the parents’ authority to disallow their children to do so. 

Parents’ involvement in the upbringing of their children is considered a fundamental human right in America.

Almost 50 years ago, the US Supreme Court gave a historic verdict in the Wisconsin v. Yoder case, noting parents have authority “beyond debate” on the upbringing of their children.

While the far-left is busy eroding these American values, a parallel effort in red states is protecting the rights of parents.

In Florida, for instance, Governor Ron DeSantis passed a law that would stop schools from concealing information from parents regarding the mental and emotional health of their children.

Furthermore, Arizona is also protecting these rights, as parents there would be able to easily obtain judicial relief if their rights are violated.

Experts believe this upcoming change in Title IX would end the intended purpose of the law, which was supposed to protect women’s interests in society.

For over 50 years, women kept on excelling in various fields, which helped them reduce the gender gap across the country.