Biden Admin Struggling to Keep Staff Intact

Biden’s “body man,” Stephen Goepfert, is resigning from his position this week as he seeks a new role in the US Department of Transportation. 

This marks the latest departure from the already disintegrating White House of Biden, which is struggling to keep its staff intact ahead of the crucial midterm elections.

Biden’s Close Confidante to Leave 

After the White House’s announcement about Goepfert’s departure, Biden noted both he and first lady Jill Biden would miss Goepfert.

The president further claimed Goepfert remained with him during his presidential campaign, adding he is an extraordinary individual who can easily be trusted for anything.

Likewise, Biden also wished good luck to Goepfert for his new role in public service.

Biden hired Goepfert in 2019 during his presidential campaign to potentially lure far-left voters. Goepfert was the first gay man who served as the body man of any presidential candidate.

During Obama’s tenure, Goepfert worked as an adviser to then-Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Steve Ricchetti. Now, White House receptionist Jacob Spreyer will replace Goepfert as Biden’s body man.

The body man is considered the most important position for any president since a person in charge of this office remains close to the president all the time.

As a body man is a close confidante of the president, most commanders-in-chief select only trustworthy individuals for this role.

White House Faces Mass Exodus of Employees

Due to plummeting approval ratings of Biden, the White House is facing a staffing crisis as its multiple employees are leaving before the midterm elections.

Reportedly, Biden was unhappy with his messaging team, as various Democratic campaign strategists claimed Democrats are facing a communication problem driving voters away from them.

This led to a massive shakeup in the White House press team. Three members, including Mike Gwin, Amanda Finney, and Vedant Patel, left the White House for other positions in the Biden administration.

In the biggest upset, press secretary Jean Psaki also left the White House for a media position on MSNBC.

Similarly, White House communications director Kate Bedingfield changed her mind at the last moment after announcing previously she would leave the White House to spend more time with her family.

Biden is not facing the mass exodus of employees alone. In fact, Vice President Kamala Harris lost over one dozen staff members as her office remained dysfunctional, per media reports.

Even though Biden bragged about his narrative of diversity and announced packing his administration with black individuals, this racial group is also leaving the White House en masse.

Since last year, over 20 black Americans have left Biden’s White House, which urged critics to label the mass departure spree as “Blaxit.”

However, the White House often claims this departure of staff members is a normal phenomenon ahead of any midterm elections.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.