Biden Administration Releasing Illegal Immigrants into U.S. Interior

Illegal immigrants are being released into the interior cities in the country, amidst the surging number of people swarming the borders. The former ICE field office director called the situation a grander scale of the catch and release order.

Illegal immigrants are being released into the interior of the U.S. every single day

The American public is getting increasingly concerned about how a number of illegal immigrants are provided with free passes to come into the country every single day. The release is not only limited to towns and areas near the southern states.

The release is also now happening deep into the interiors of the country. This is due to the new process being used by the border officials. They’re flying illegal aliens through U.S. chartered planes into other places like New York, Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago, Washington, and Harrisburg, to name a few. 

After the immigrants are flown into various areas of the country, they are brought into the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the Customs and Border Protection. 

However, in most cases, the immigrants end up being released into these areas, due to the facilities lacking space to accommodate more immigrants. 

One of the most evident ways of how illegal immigrants are released into the country is through what they call ICE air flights. Through these flights, illegals are transported to the field offices scattered in different parts of the U.S. 

Facilities have limited capacities, but thousands of people come in every single day

However, these offices have limited capacity. Yet, thousands of migrants are crossing the border on a daily basis and overcrowding the facilities. As a result, big numbers of migrants are being released in order to give room to more people coming in every day. 

According to the former director of the ICE field office in Buffalo, Tom Feely, the local offices are pressured and forced to release migrants. So technically, as more illegal immigrants come to the border and crowd the field offices, more and more migrants are being released into the interior of the nation. 

Feely admitted that this process is happening every single day. He also labeled the scenario as technically “catch and release.” The only difference is that they are made on a bigger and grander scale. 

According to the former director, the headquarters are receiving calls from the field offices every single day. These calls are asking who they can release to give more space to those coming in. 

Feely then claimed what is going on is almost like a “hotel chain” process. People working in the field already know the capacity of the field offices. They can tell how many beds are still available. Yet, the ones in charge of these chartered flights insist on saying they have more room so they will send more illegal immigrants.