Biden Looking at Using Federal Funds to Force COVID Vaccine

The White House fall short of denying the reports stating that Biden and his administration are looking at using federal financial aid in order to urge institutions to require the public to get vaccinated.

Biden administration is looking at ways to force the COVID vaccine onto unvaccinated Americans

According to reports, an official from the White House revealed to Fox News that the administration is looking at various ways to continuously promote the COVID vaccine in the country.

However, the official clarified that the ideas are still at their early stage of deliberation and pre-decision. Yet, the White House staff failed to deny the truthfulness of the plan to use federal funds to force Americans to get vaccinated. The official also added that at present, there is no imminent policy decision yet.

The comments by the official were made after a report by the Washington Post was published last Thursday. The report declared that the administration is considering looking at federal funds to force more people to get the vaccine.

Accordingly, these plans are intended to be directed to long-term care facilities, universities, and more. It is also projected to reach 90 million Americans who are eligible to have the vaccine, but so far, haven’t received it.

The report moreover added that one part of the projected plan is looking at regulating access to federal funds, such as Medicare. This move is an attempt to force nursing homes, as well as long-term care facilities, to require COVID vaccines for their employees.

The plan by the White House to use federal funding to require COVID vaccines in some facilities is being considered as the number of COVID cases caused by the delta variant is increasing.

Experts are troubled by the surging COVID-19 cases

According to the latest data, there are 100,000 cases recorded every day, a number that is 10 times bigger than last month. This troubling data urged experts to call the federal government to use its powers to convince more people to get vaccinated.

As the White House struggles to halt the spread of the delta variant, the planned proposal at the federal level also shows a potential intervention from the White House.

On Thursday, Biden mentioned COVID mandates, stating that his administration is still considering the options available to convince Americans to get the vaccine.

It can be noted that when Biden took office, he pledged to conduct a full-blown effort to fight the pandemic. He also repeatedly compared the number of COVID deaths in America to war deaths, as over 615,000 COVID-related deaths were recorded in a span of 18 months.

Despite all these numbers, the Biden administration is hesitant to utilize its full jurisdiction to convince the public to have the vaccine. The White House hasn’t made any comments about the matter.