Biden Acknowledged His Failure To Visit the Border

On Thursday night, Biden admitted he hasn’t visited the southern border to attend to the overwhelming surge of illegal immigrants. He also acknowledged he should “go down” to check. 

Biden: I Should Go Down to Visit the Border, but I Haven’t Had Time

During the town hall event with Anderson Cooper of CNN, Biden acknowledged his failure to visit the border, citing he hasn’t had a “whole hell of a time” to go. 

In an attempt to justify his absence, Biden blamed the destruction caused by hurricanes. He also said the trips he made to visit areas affected by natural calamity were the reason why he hasn’t been to the border yet. 

At present, it is still not clear whether the president ever visited the border when he was a senator or a vice president. Furthermore, a series of questions from the press in relation to this matter haven’t produced many answers from Biden either. 

On the other hand, the illegal immigration crisis at the U.S. border continues to burden the Biden administration; the recent data reflects the arrests made by Border Patrol agents have risen to the highest recorded number since 1986. 

According to the data by the Customs and Border Patrol, U.S. agents detained over 1.7 million illegal immigrants from Mexico in the fiscal year of 2021 alone, which ended last month. 

Meanwhile, when Attorney General Merrick Garland was asked about the number of migrants the Department of Justice is prosecuting for committing a federal crime of illegally crossing the U.S. borders, he did not have an answer.

Biden administration released at least 160,000 illegal immigrants into the country

Previously, a document obtained by Fox News showed Border Patrol stating that at least 160,000 illegal immigrants were released by the Biden administration into the United States, with little to no supervision.

The documents also showed the abuse of limited parole authorities, particularly in making over 30,000 immigrants eligible to have work permits in the United States.

Then last month, thousands of immigrants from Haiti stormed the southern border. The migration was allegedly fueled by Biden’s proclamation of progressive policies regarding our nation’s immigration.

This is especially the case in Biden eradicating some of the stringent measures the previous Trump administration implemented to prevent illegal migrants from unlawfully attempting to cross the U.S. border. 

However, not long after Biden’s tenure in office as the president, his administration faced an overwhelmingly high number of illegal immigrants attempting to enter the United States. This triggered criticism and backlash from both allies and critics of the president. 

According to sources with the Border Patrol, as many as 60,000 illegal immigrants are gathering at the Mexico side of the border, intending to cross to the U.S. in the upcoming days.