Best Country To Live According to US News & World Report Revealed

After a year’s nonappearance, Switzerland returned to the number one position in U.S. News & World Report’s yearly Best Countries rankings.

Meanwhile, the United States (4th) & Sweden (5th) have entered the top five in the latest edition of the analysis, published on Tuesday.


The Central European nation displaced Canada, which has dropped to third place in the rankings for the year 2022.

Switzerland ranked first for quality of life and openness for business sub-ranking, which evaluates nations based on their perceived friendliness to business.

The overall Best Countries rating considers a country’s success in those categories, as well as eight others. It is arguable, however, that Switzerland is at its best in the commercial sector.

According to Carlo Bastasin, a non-resident senior scholar in the Foreign Policy Department at the Brookings Institution, many of the largest corporations that act as intermediaries between producers and consumers of raw resources (such as oil) are headquartered in Switzerland.

He said the country’s reputation might improve if it maintained its long-held policy of neutrality during times of international turmoil.

Switzerland is one of six European nations in the top 10 of the 2022 rankings; it united the European Union in condemning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, but maintains its neutrality is unimpaired.

Sweden rose the furthest from last year’s bottom to this year’s top, a leap of four places.

Russia’s year-over-year drop (-12) was one of the greatest decreases in the history of the rankings project; it was among the biggest declines among the top 50 nations in the 2022 rankings overall.

U.S. News Best Countries rankings and research are developed in collaboration with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and BAV Group, a division of the global marketing communications firm WPP.

Upwards of 17,000 people from all around the world participated in an online poll for this project, assigning adjectives like “dynamic,” “leadership,” “cares about civil rights,” and “dedicated to social justice” to various nations.

The poll included data from 85 different nations and 73 different qualities. Cameroon, Bangladesh, Zambia, and Paraguay are four newcomers to the rankings that made the cut this year, due to achieving the minimum thresholds.

Liberal Experts

U.S. News and its partners examined several factors, including Switzerland’s rise to the top spot, Russia’s image outside, and the United States’ reputation abroad as part of the rankings package.

The United States, meanwhile, climbed from seventh place in the 2020 rankings all the way up to sixth place in 2021. The nation ranks first in power and agility, second in entrepreneurialism, and third in cultural influence.

The media’s coverage of the transition of power undoubtedly contributed to a more positive image of America worldwide.

This is supported by other survey data: Pew Research Center’s June 2021 research found a median of 75% of respondents from 12 polled countries trusted President Biden to make the correct decisions regarding international affairs.

Trump’s approval rating in his final year as president was barely 17%.

According to Richard Wike, Pew’s head of global attitudes research, there has been a significant shift in how people throughout the world regard the United States since Trump was replaced by Biden.

He said Biden’s popularity far outpaced that of Trump. Richard Wike believes public trust in Biden’s leadership increased and the majority of Americans agree with Biden’s foreign policy.

That is so ridiculous it’s nearly funny, but the “experts” are, as usual, on the more liberal side of things.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.