Barbaric Abortion Bill Allows Abortion Up Until Birth

Minnesota is set to guarantee a woman’s right to an abortion up until birth, as the Protect Reproductive Options (PRO) Act was recently approved by its state Senate with just one vote.

The new bill will soon be signed into law by Governor Tim Walz, who has expressed his support for it.

New Bill Would Make Abortion Available Up Until Birth

Minnesota residents have made it clear they do not support elective third trimester abortions.

However, this new proposed bill would make abortion of a fetus available for any reason up until birth in Minnesota – regardless of how close the fetus is to its due date or if it can feel pain yet.

This puts Minnesota on a similar level as countries like North Korea and China when discussing abortion laws, according to Cathy Blaeser, Co-Executive Director of MCCL (Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life).

In an effort to ensure the fundamental right to abortion, Minnesota Senator Jennifer McEwen has introduced a bill- H.F 1 -which would give Minnesotans unrestricted access to abortions for any reason at any time during gestation.

Despite evidence that fetuses can feel pain from as young as 20 weeks into pregnancy and no later than 28-30 weeks in development, there is currently no law on the books mandating anesthesia for babies being aborted within this sensitive gestational period in Minnesota.

In a surprising move, legislators in Minnesota have put unrestricted abortion access ahead of women’s health and the lives of unborn children.

Several amendments to protect life were voted down or thwarted during consideration for H.F 1 – from protecting against partial-birth abortion, providing anesthesia when an unborn child can feel pain, and mandating third trimester abortions take place in hospitals.

All ultimately failed to gain ground, due to fervent opposition.

Abortion Access Could be Significantly Expanded

Legislation has been unveiled at the Capitol that could significantly expand abortion access; one powerful measure would repeal laws relating to newborns who have survived an abortion.

Supporters of this bill believe it will ensure a woman’s right to make her own choice with complete autonomy; opponents worry about compromising protection for vulnerable infants.

In a groundbreaking move, the PRO Act guarantees Minnesotans access to abortion care by enshrining it as a basic human right within state law.

Backers of this bill say while abortions have always been legal in Minnesota, codifying them into law ensures these rights cannot be threatened or rescinded at any given time, due to political winds shifting and judicial decisions changing.

As the debate over this bill continues to heat up, more questions are being raised about its backers and their motivations.

Even though those in favor of it have hailed it as a moral victory for women’s rights, why has Planned Parenthood resorted to misdirection when talking about what the legislation will do?

According to some pro-life advocates, if ordinary citizens ever learn exactly how far-reaching this law is they’ll be outraged at its passage – further highlighting just how controversial the issue truly is.