Band Guitarist Tweets About ‘Exterminating’ GOP ‘Cockroaches’

Renowned guitarist Steven Van Zandt, a long-standing member of Bruce Springsteen’s legendary E-Street band, fervently appealed to his devoted followers and enthusiasts.

He did this via a passionate message on social media this past Sunday. The core of his demand? “Annihilate those (Republican) insects!”

Such a battle cry was explicitly aimed at individuals supporting the GOP, essentially encompassing half the nation. This vehement outburst unfolded amidst a fiery, profanity-infused interaction on the ever-volatile platform of Twitter.

Van Zandt’s fiery response ignites controversy

The spark that ignited this intense exchange was initiated by the accomplished musician himself, as he unleashed a torrent of invective against those he deemed “Republican white supremacist lowlife cowards and weaklings, who rely on firearms to exude masculinity.”

This was in response to Tennessee representatives advocating for stricter measures in relation to firearm regulation.

However, a vigilant Twitter user swiftly confronted Van Zandt for his inflammatory language, prompting the guitarist to continue his diatribe without hesitation. Thus, his impassioned retort was laid bare for all to witness.

Economic harm as a punitive measure against religious freedom legislation

Van Zandt’s foray into the political sphere is hardly unprecedented.

Breitbart News, back in 2016, highlighted his stance on combating states enacting “exceptionally repugnant and malevolent” religious freedom legislation. His proposed method? Inflict economic harm upon them as a punitive measure.

Regrettably, Van Zandt conveyed to Rolling Stone that the sole language some individuals comprehend is of financial suffering. He expressed this sentiment backstage at the esteemed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York.

“It’s lamentable that economic pain is the only catalyst for some to adopt moral righteousness,” he remarked.

Van Zandt went on to explain, “This insidious, heinous discrimination is beginning to disseminate from one state to another and we realized it was high time to take a stand and curtail its proliferation at the onset.”