Baby Formula Shortage: Doctors Advised Parents to “Calm Down”

A New York pediatrician came up to rescue troubled parents who were worried about their children, due to the shortage of baby formula. She has a variety of tricks up her sleeves to help the parents.

Doctor Comes Up With Solution to Tackle Formula Shortage

While speaking on “Fox and Friends Weekend,” Dr. Dyan Hes, who is a pediatrician in New York, noted almost half of the queries asked of her during her telemedicine sessions are usually related to the shortage of the formula.

Calling it a “real fear,” Hes indicated some parents are even “freaking out” about the shortage.

She’s recommended parents “calm down” for the sake of their children. Hes also advised parents to visit small mom-and-pop shops, as well, to find the formula, instead of solely focusing on big shops in their areas.

Furthermore, she stated she came to know about the “Instacart app,” which is helpful to find children’s food, amid these trying times.

Apart from that, she noted parents should continue logging onto the websites of different stores to order the formula as soon as it comes. This way, they do not have to wait until the next shipment.

One of the useful things for parents in these crises is to be in touch with pediatricians, as they are receiving the supply of baby formula these days.

The doctor asserted her office also received supplies of the formula, so she distributed it to the parents who were having trouble finding it.

This way, parents can manage to have their hands on the food if they contact their nearby pediatrician in a timely manner.

Parents Should Be Flexible in Their Choices

Parents should not panic, even if they are unable to find the baby formula they’re looking for.

According to pediatricians, parents should also be “flexible” with the brand of the formula.

As a matter of fact, most children can tolerate generalized formulas; brand consciousness is not a thing to worry about in this regard. 

So, if a baby is over six months of age, it is not a problem if parents use toddler formula on them, which is not difficult to find these days.

However, she advised parents not to use a homemade formula, which can be fatal for children’s health. According to her, parents should not even try to dilute the formula.

Diluting the formula can be disastrous in the sense that it can lead to seizures in children.

Once the baby crosses nine months of age, it is a feasible approach for parents to switch to using whole milk, instead of formula. Though that should be done with the consultation of a pediatrician.

For the last several months, the shortage of formula has been making children suffer from the food crisis nationwide.

However, the inability of the incumbent administration to avert the crisis is aggravating the mess that can take two to three months to fix.