Ashley Biden’s Troubled Past and Addiction Issues

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

On January 20, when the President-elect Joe Biden takes an oath of office, there will be familiar faces that will surround him on the steps of the US Capitol.

First, there will be his wife of 43 years, Jill Biden, who has been by his side most of his career and the most bitter US Election campaign in living memory. Then there will be Joe Biden’s only surviving son, Hunter Biden, who is self-professed ex cocaine and alcohol addict, kicked out of the military for taking drugs, and later on, abandoned a laptop which contained top-secret White House information, that almost wrecked his father’s presidential bid.

Then there will be the less recognizable woman, Ashley Biden, the only child of Jill and Joe, who will step into the limelight as the new “First Daughter.”

In the past four years, Ivanka Trump’s place on the side of her father broke the mold of First Daughters as she reinvented the position, putting it almost at par with that of the First Lady. 

And this position is will likely be Ashley’s place, given that Jill, a public school teacher, has shown no plans to relinquish her career. This will then make Ashley step on to the world stage, standing alongside her father after his inauguration. 

However, one Washington insider stated that up until this moment, Ashley has not been seen on the radar and is not showing signs of being ready or willing to step into the spotlight. 

When Joe Biden was still sitting as a vice president in the Obama Administration, Ashley was said to have some issues. She was firm in keeping her head firmly below the parapet. Now that she is about to come as the First Daughter, she has to go into the spotlight on her own. 

The First Daughter will be as important in the new administration as it was in the previous ones. For instance, Ivanka had her own office. She traveled the world alongside her father and had a great deal of influence over him. She also managed to set up productive business deals. Ivanka was her father’s right hand in some ways. And this is expected to be seen with Ashley. 

Who is Ashley Biden?

As Jill and Joe tried to keep Ashley out of the spotlight, what is known is that she have the same social conscience and green credentials as her parents. As a child, she discovered a beauty brand called Bonne Bell, and the brand tested its products on animals. 

“Jill Biden & Joe Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Later on, her father then encouraged Ashley to write a letter to the company to ask them to change its policies. This then piqued her interest in the environment, particularly in dolphin conservation.

Ashley Biden then went on to train as a social worker. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, garnering a master’s degree in Social Policy and Practice. 

However, behind the scenes are troubling reports.

Troubling reports about Ashley Biden

One source revealed that Ashley is the apple of her father’s eye. However, she also had many issues, addiction issues.

This addiction issues started manifesting in 1999 when she was reportedly arrested for possession of marijuana. There was no conviction recorded in relation to this incident. 

However, in a report by New York Posts, one classmate of Ashley in Tulane University, Nat Berman, stated that he bailed Ashley out of jail after the 1999 marijuana arrest in New Orleans.

Berman further stated,

“She was very attractive. Everybody at Tulane knew that she was a party girl.

“She wore some pretty short shorts — a lot.”

Then in the year 2002, she was allegedly arrested for obstructing a police officer. Then in 2009, seven years later, while her father was still serving as the Vice President under the Obama administration, a video had shown Ashley snorting cocaine through a red straw. This video was then circulated around the US tabloid market. 

The owner of the video was then asking for $2 Million for the film, the New York Post revealed. This video was hushed up; however, it has never been talked about nor denied by the Biden family.