Armed January 6 Rioter Killed For Attempting to Enter the FBI Building

Police killed an armed man who tried to breach the secure area of the FBI building in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Later on, the suspect was identified as a January 6 rioter who allegedly wanted to invade the FBI building in revenge for the recent FBI raid on the residence of former President Trump.

Armed Man Tried to Invade the FBI

Earlier Thursday, Ohio State Highway Patrol tweeted different federal and state law enforcement agencies were chasing an armed suspect who allegedly tried to enter the FBI building.

Lt. Nathan Dennis, the spokesperson of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, noted police were trying to negotiate with the suspect, who did not seem interested in any negotiation at all.

The suspect was wearing body armor to avoid any injury. After a six-hour-long standoff, the suspect raised his gun toward the police officers, which led the police to kill him.

Multiple sources later revealed the suspect was Ricky Walter Shiffer, who was also involved in January 6 riots outside Capitol Hill.

Although the motive of the incident remains unclear, two police officials familiar with the matter asserted the suspect incited people to violence on the Trump-owned Truth Social after the FBI’s raid on Trump’s residence in Florida.

On Thursday, Shiffer posted he tried to enter the FBI building, but failed to do so. Likewise, earlier this week, he asked other people to arm themselves and be ready for “combat,” as the FBI’s attack on Trump cannot be tolerated.

Reportedly, Shiffer’s account was operated by someone else when he was busy trying to enter the FBI. During the standoff, one user wrote on Shiffer’s account that his photo and information had been forwarded to the FBI, to which he responded, “Bring them on.”

Furthermore, another user asked Shiffer if he was advocating for terrorism against the FBI. Responding to this, Shiffer’s account replied all FBI agents should be killed “on sight.” The account was deleted from Truth Social later on.

Chaos in Ohio

Earlier, the FBI Cincinnati claimed an armed suspect tried to invade its regional office, but ran away on Interstate 71 when the police tried to chase him. This led law enforcement authorities to close down Interstate 71 at both ends.

Due to the rapid movement of the suspect on the roads, the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency announced to lock down all buildings in the 1 km radius of the intersection at Smith Road and Center Road, Cincinnati.

According to the announcement, all the people present within the buildings should lock their offices and remain inside.

As the police chased the suspect, he traveled for almost 60 miles on interstate 71 before changing his route towards state Route 73.

Ohio state police added that the suspect left his white Crown Victoria car after the chase and exchanged gunshots with the police.

Police officers believe the suspect fired at them from inside the car when they were chasing him. Shiffer was carrying an AK-47-style rifle with him.