Arizona’s Governor Race Just Hit a Ridiculous Roadblock

As the midterms approach and races heat up, one place that’s coming up in the headlines is Arizona. The reason is the Democratic candidate for governor, Katie Hobbs, flat-out said she will not debate her opponent. Why?

Hobbs says her opponent Kari Lake is a “childish” conspiracy theorist who’s not worthy of being engaged with in any way. Is Hobbs correct? Here’s how this fight is going down…

Hobbs Hurls Insults at Lake

According to Hobbs, Lake is not worthy of any debate and is a ridiculous “conspiracy theorist” who should lose badly in this race.

That’s unlikely to happen, considering Lake has broad support in Arizona and Hobbs has shown herself to be nothing but a sore loser. Although Hobbs claims she’s “confident” about winning, there are no polls or data to back up this confidence.

Instead, what this looks like on Hobbs’ part is virtue signaling.

For her part, Hobbs is packing up her toys and throwing her own tea party, giving a town hall appearance where she’ll respond to questions, instead of directly interacting with Lake in any way.

It’s no wonder Hobbs is choosing this way out. Like her boss, Joe Biden, she chooses to have pre-scripted questions and nice little softball events because the big leagues are too tough for her.

She claims Lake is a conspiracy theorist. Hobbs comes from a party that made up a Russia conspiracy and still couldn’t convince people of it after four years of the treasonous media bleating it out like mentally handicapped sheep 24/7.

Good luck calling other people conspiracy theorists!

Is Lake a Conspiracy Theorist?

Lake believes the 2020 election was stolen. She also believes the Democrats will steal this election if they can get away with it.

At least on the second count, I would not call that a conspiracy theory. I would call it common sense! The Democrat Party has a long and storied history of stealing elections, vote fraud, voter intimidation, union interference, and all sorts of dark arts.

The idea they would try to shoe in another term for their puppet Biden or somebody else is entirely believable.

As for Lake, she’s made her reaction very clear: she believes Hobbs is scared of debating the issues one-on-one and is “hiding” from her.

Well, how is Lake wrong? Hobbs is literally whining and refusing to debate her. She’s hiding from Lake by doing pre-arranged town halls. It sounds a lot like hiding to me.

The Bottom Line

Kari Lake looks all set to win Arizona; all Hobbs can do is run and hide. Next, it will be Hobbs claiming the election was stolen from her.

Though wait, isn’t that a conspiracy theory? We all know elections are always completely secure and honest, right?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.