Arizona Bill Will See Parental Rights Being Protected

“Elections result in consequences” is among the most frequently used phrases in the realm of politics.

This adage might well be put through its paces rapidly in Arizona in 2023. According to a statement by Sarah Arnold in Townhall, a state lawmaker has sponsored legislation that would significantly strengthen parental rights.

A Step in the Right Direction

If enacted, the bill might compel all Arizona schools to seek formal parental consent before participating in gender transition activities with pupils, such as using wrong pronouns or different names.

It’s unfortunate that anything as clear and reasonable as this requires legislation, but it’s just another sign of the bizarre circus show our country is becoming in the twenty-first century.

Republican John Kavanagh, a state senator-elect, sponsored a bill that would necessitate parental approval for institutions to refer to pupils using pronouns that oppose their biological sex.

Kavanagh’s proposition stated a worker or contract worker of a school district or charter school must not willfully address, define, or recommend to a student under the age of eighteen a pronoun that varies from the pronoun of the child’s biological sex without prior approval from the child’s parent.

The legislation also protects individuals with moral and religious commitments.

It specifies that a school district or charter school may not mandate personnel to refer to a student with a pronoun other than their biological one if doing so conflicts with their religious or moral beliefs.

As indicated in the preceding extract, the initiative also includes exemptions for anyone who would not desire to be required to employ gender-bending language, due to their religious or moral beliefs.

He believes state Senator Kavanagh should have focused on parental rights in this case. The freedom of religion portion of this specific issue strikes some as weak and it may not be successful in court.

The manner in which Kavanagh drafted the bill appears sophisticated; it is a shrewd strategy.

Observe that he is not aiming to make it unlawful to ever use wrong pronouns while referring to a student. This could have opened an additional can of worms.

His idea only guarantees that schools cannot act in secret and keep families in the dark about matters that could have a significant influence on their children.

Parental Consent is a Must

The school nurse cannot administer aspirin to children without parental consent. If they exhibit any type of sickness or begin to behave strangely, the parents must also be contacted immediately.

If kids have been inspired by the transgender movement that has been swarming schools across the country, their parents or guardians must be informed promptly.

We can’t provide much assistance to children in families that genuinely condone this sort of behavior, but we ought to be able to safeguard the kids of parents who are currently kept in the dark.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.