AOC Threatens to Draft Impeachment Article Against SC Justice

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat hailing from New York, persistently revived her demand for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

This development follows a recently surfaced report, which unveils the intricate ties between the justice and an affluent donor affiliated with the Republican Party. The congresswoman has gone so far as to express her willingness to personally introduce impeachment articles.

AOC deems Thomas issue an “emergency” and a “crisis”

During an appearance on the “Lever Time” podcast this past Thursday, Ocasio-Cortez declared the situation concerning Thomas’ place on the court as both an “emergency” and a “crisis.”

Moreover, she reinforced her staunch commitment to facilitating his removal.

When probed about her readiness to submit impeachment articles independently, the New York representative affirmed she would indeed assume responsibility if her peers hesitated to act.

With Congress on recess for the subsequent week, Ocasio-Cortez commented, “Democrats have been granted a window of opportunity to devise a strategic approach. She noted that the introduction of articles is essential.”

Thomas embroiled in controversy over luxurious trips

The investigative journalism organization ProPublica unveiled that Thomas’ friendship with real estate magnate Harlan Crow led to the Supreme Court Justice partaking in lavish escapades.

These excursions, courtesy of the Texas tycoon, included luxurious trips on his private jet and yacht, along with complimentary accommodations at Crow’s extensive vacation properties.

On Friday, Thomas issued a statement referring to Harlan and Kathy Crow as “some of our most cherished friends.” He went on to say, “As close friends do, we have participated in numerous family vacations together throughout the more than two decades we have been acquainted.”

Thomas clarified he sought advice from fellow justices and judicial colleagues during his early years on the court. He was counseled that accepting such personal generosity from dear friends, who held no vested interests before the court, did not need to be reported.