AOC Faces Lawsuit Over Twitter Block

Alex Stein, a controversial and sarcastic political personality, has filed a lawsuit against Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for blocking him on Twitter.

At Capitol Hill, Stein engaged in a confrontation with AOC during which he made vulgar remarks about her beauty. Then, he criticized her position on abortion, which he characterized as the killing of innocent infants.

Throughout the video, he made profane remarks, such as, “Despite campaigning for infanticide, she is still gorgeous. This outfit looks stunning on you and your body is rather appealing. Just look at the rear of AOC.”

AOC Sued for Blocking Satiric Political Comedian on Twitter

AOC has already faced legal action for restricting Twitter users.

After being sued on identical grounds, she made an apology and unblocked former Brooklyn official Dov Hikind. This circumstance is similar to a lawsuit filed against former President Trump in the past.

Alex Stein’s career as an internet political satire gained speed after the widely publicized episode with AOC.

Stein has continued to harass other Capitol Hill lawmakers, including Senator Ted Cruz and Congressmen Eric Swalwell and Dan Crenshaw, but he claims none of them received as much attention as AOC.

Within a few months following the incident, Stein was in conversation with the conservative network Blaze Media about presenting his own program. Since then, the program, now dubbed “Prime Time with Alex Stein,” has debuted.

AOC, therefore, banned Stein on Twitter, resulting in legal proceedings against her.

The complaint filed by Stein on Wednesday makes reference to a prior federal appeals court decision against former President Trump. Trump violated the constitutional rights of many people by blocking them on Twitter, according to the court.

Stein expects a similar result from his legal case against AOC. He said he has no ill will against AOC and he is not seeking monetary recompense in this matter. The case has been filed with the United States District Court in Washington, D.C.

Stein added his major goal is for AOC to unblock him so he can continue contact with her.

If AOC were to challenge the complaint in court, she would be reiterating previously fought questions and disputes about whether or not public officials have the ability to block particular persons or organizations from following them online.

In 2021, the Supreme Court reversed a finding by the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals that Trump violated the First Amendment rights of those he blocked.

The Supreme Court ordered the dismissal of the lawsuit since Trump was no longer functioning as president and the matter had become irrelevant.

As a consequence of the Supreme Court’s finding, the 2nd Circuit’s decision cannot serve as a legal precedent in future situations in which public authorities block Twitter followers.

In addition, Stein’s case differs from others involving internet blocking, since it is based on statements he made to AOC in person, as opposed to on Twitter. Depending on the variance, the matter may be treated differently.