AOC-Backed Politicians Bite the Dust Nationwide

Americans are teaching socialist politicians an unforgettable lesson by voting against them in the primary elections.

While the likes of AOC and her “Squad” are expected to return to Congress after the November elections, the political clout of progressive lawmakers is likely to decrease significantly in times to come.

AOC-Backed Candidates Lost Their Primary Elections

Far-left politicians pursued radical policies that sought to dismantle the social and moral values of American society.

However, Americans are now returning the favor as these politicians are losing their primary elections in big numbers.

The biggest loser of the anti-progressive wave is pro-AOC Congressman Mondaire Jones, who lost his primary election in New York.

Another loser was New York state Senator Alessandra Biaggi, a pro-AOC candidate, who was defeated by the chair of the Democratic National Campaign Committee, Sean Patrick Maloney, in her primary election.

In the district of Staten Island, NYC, former moderate Congressman Max Rose defeated far-left politician Brittany Ramos DeBarros in the primary elections. Ramos DeBarros is also endorsed by AOC.

This wave of anti-progressive ideology is not limited to New York only. So, moderate politicians are making their way to the November elections nationwide by defeating their progressive competitors.

In Ohio, for example, another AOC-backed politician, Nina Turner, was defeated by a moderate Democrat, Shontel Brown, who had the backing of Hillary Clinton.

Likewise, a moderate House Democrat in Texas, Henry Cuellar, who is also the only anti-abortion Democrat in the House, defeated AOC-backed candidate Jessica Cisneros. 

In addition to that, progressive stalwart Donna Edwards received a merciless beating in Maryland primaries by moderate candidate Glenn Ivey.

Democratic Strategists are Done With the Far-Left

Even Democratic political strategists know far-left politicians are out of touch with the general public.

One senior political strategist of the Democrat Party stated politicians who embraced the policies of progressive lawmakers are seeing themselves out of Congress in this year’s midterm elections.

So, progressives’ clout will decrease in the Republican-controlled House later this year, the political strategist added.

According to Democratic campaign strategist James Carville, Democrats who vote think differently than Democrats who only talk.

Carville argued voters already told progressive politicians multiple times they do not like them, but the far-left is still campaigning on its radical policies.

Reportedly, police defunding is one of the major issues on which people are walking away from progressive politicians.

The recent wave of violent crimes, which pushed a majority of Americans into trouble, encouraged people to vote for moderate politicians who are not inclined toward police defunding.

However, progressive politicians are performing comparatively well in the state’s primary elections.

Recently, a 27-year-old progressive, Kristen Gonzalez, who was also backed by AOC, won her elections for the New York state Senate seat. After winning her elections, Gonzalez yelled “socialism wins.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.