Anti-Police Violence Rising in America Again

An aggressive wave of violence against the police in the United States has started surging dramatically.

The National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has reported 101 officers have been shot down in 2022 so far.

Violence against police is on the rise again

This marks a 43 percent increase in police shootings, compared to the same time period in 2021, and a 63 percent increase compared to 2020.

The president of the National FOP, Patrick Yoes, stated he did not see this sort of brutal violence against the police in his 36-year-long career.

He further noted that last year’s stats were highest since the FOP started tracking data regarding police shootings.

In addition to that, he claimed the upsurging trend this year depicts all records of the previous year would be broken this time.

The downed police officers have families behind them, Yoes noted. According to him, the lethality of these attacks is even more disturbing.

19 officers among the 101 faced ambush-style attacks. These attacks were reported 36 percent higher this year so far, compared to 2021. In these 19 attacks, 32 officers were shot down, and five of them lost their lives.

One such incident included the shooting of two officers earlier this year. A police officer of the New York Police Department, Wilbert Mora, and detective Jason Rivera, were brutally shot in response to a domestic dispute.

Just the next month, nine officers were shot down in Phoenix in yet another domestic abuse. Both the suspect and the victim died in this incident.

States which reported the most violence this year included Georgia, Washington, Texas, Arizona, and New York.

Democrats’ anti-police campaigns made this possible

Yoes added that this sort of violence is not acceptable at all, as it destroys society. Thus, he asked politicians and community leaders to take a firm stand against the prevailing violence.

The attacks have been on the rise since the Democrat-led government was installed in Washington. Among 346 officers who were shot down last year, 63 were killed. 

312 officers were shot down in 2020, and 47 of them were killed. In 2019, only 293 officers were shot down, resulting in 50 deaths.

Florida, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, and California were among the states most impacted by this violence.

It is believed the hate speech of top Democratic leadership and the ideological position of Biden’s White House are responsible for the rising tide of violence against the police.

For so long, Democrats were audacious enough to extend their support to far-left anti-police organization, Black Lives Matter (BLM).

Similarly, many progressives undermined the role of the police in society, some even claiming that the organization should be wrapped altogether.

However, as the Biden administration measured public sentiments, the president was forced to change his policy decision of police defunding.

Eventually, Biden did not only denounce the narrative of police defunding, but also talked about more police funding in his latest budget proposal.