Another Migrant Caravan Wave Expected to Storm the US

Thousands of migrants are in a massive caravan to the United States, as some of the travelers rejected humanitarian visas offered by the Mexican government. 

Migrants rejected visas offered by the Mexican government, stating they do not trust the authorities

In a statement made by the Mexican Institute of Migration, humanitarian visas to women and children were offered to migrants in the caravan. However, the offer was rejected by the leaders of the group who took off from the southern part of Mexico last week.


On the other hand, one of the leaders of the caravan stated they do not trust the authorities who have broken their promises in the past. According to them, this includes the previous deal they made to give government shelters and a possibility of moving across the United States. 

The caravan of migrants is currently located in Ulapa and starting to leave on Saturday. They will start walking to Mapastepec at night in order to beat the scorching sun as they try to cross the U.S. through the southern border.

So far, the United States has already encountered over 1.7 million migrants in 2021.  Earlier this week, the organizer of the caravan, Luis Garcia Villagran, stated there are around 4,000 migrants involved.

Included among this number are 1,256 children under the age of seven, 400 minors between seven and 18 years old, over 100 babies under one year old, and 65 pregnant women. 

While most single males are turned away under Title 42, the Biden administration is more lenient on family units and does not apply the same measures to unaccompanied minors. 

In the month of September alone, out of all the family units that traveled to the United States, only 27% of them were expelled under Title 42, compared to the 75% of single adults expelled.

The caravan is comprised of migrants from Central and Southern America, Haiti, and other countries

The caravan traversing to the United States is reportedly comprised of migrants from South and Central America, Haiti as well as other countries. 

It was only last month when 15,000 illegal immigrants overwhelmed the Del Rio sector as they crossed the southern border and camped under the bridge. 

Compared to the migrant caravans that happened back in 2019, this group is expected to take longer to travel to the U.S. border. 

According to reports, the Mexican government already banned trucks from allowing illegal immigrants to hitch. Therefore, the groups of people are expected to walk the entire 2,500 miles to go to the Texas border. 

Although many migrant caravans were broken up by authorities in Mexico, so far, this particular group has kept on moving. During their first day of travel, they were able to break through the line of Mexican authorities that were meant to stop them.