Another Disease Taking Lives of Children Worldwide

The hepatitis outbreak is impacting children in at least 16 countries now, as the World Health Organization (WHO) found over 20 severe cases in the United States.

More than ten states have reported hepatitis cases in children since the Centers for Disease and Prevention Control (CDC) issued a national alert.

Hepatitis Outbreak in Children is Worrying Health Experts

The latest medical emergency is impacting children from ages one month to 16 years old who are now suffering multiple symptoms, including jaundice, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Alabama was the first state to start reporting cases that were not facing any significant medical problems. Five children in Alabama contracted adenovirus type 41, which usually causes a common cold and is a probable cause of hepatitis.

Minnesota is the latest state that reported the cases, as one patient required a liver transplant.

Even doctors are unaware of why the disease is getting so severe that a transplant is required. Last week, Wisconsin recorded the first death related to the outbreak.

Other states which are reporting child Hepatitis cases include Louisiana, Delaware, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and New York.

Due to this viral infection, health experts are advising parents to take “common-sense measures” to safeguard their children.

According to experts, the safety measures include not letting children attend school during illness, keeping hands hygienic, and covering sneezes and coughs.

Though the problem is not limited to the US only, which is the primary reason for concern for global health bureaucracy.

For instance, WHO reported 169 cases in at least 12 countries, due to which one death has occurred, while 17 patients needed a liver transplant.

However, doctors are confident that further revelations will make the origin of the virus clear.

According to an infectious disease expert of America Global Health Committee, Dr. Daniel R. Lucey, the pathology of infected livers is yet to be seen, which will unleash the microscopic observations to doctors.

Pathology is a process in which a medically removed organ is studied to find out the reasons for the malfunctioning of that organ.

Health Experts Digging Deep to Find the Probable Cause

While adenovirus was detected in 74 hepatitis patients worldwide, the COVID-19 virus was also found in 20 cases.

Thus doctors are still relying on guesswork as they themselves claim that ruling out one specific factor will not be a sane approach at the moment.

Meanwhile, researchers are also working on a theory in parallel, which suggests the actual cause of this outbreak is adenovirus, as it usually infects people from spring through fall.

This virus spreads through droplets of infected people. So, respiration near an infected person, as well as touching contaminated surfaces, can also make others ill.

Previously, health experts discovered many cases in which adenovirus caused hepatitis, so ruling out this theory is out of the question.

While some children had previous COVID infections, doctors are still claiming an association between coronavirus and hepatitis is yet to be established.

However, experts ruled out that COVID vaccines are making people vulnerable to the new viral disease, claiming infected children were not vaccinated.